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Top 10 extreme activities around the world

July 18, 2016

Do you like your activity breaks well…active? If so maybe some of our activity breaks just aren’t extreme enough for you. Adrenaline junkies will probably have a truly unique travel bucket list compared to the rest of us, so what sort of activities might feature on such a list? We’ve put together our ideas for the top 10 most extreme activities in the world – and I can assure you I would try probably only one of these!

1. Canyoning – We often use canyoning on our corporate group multi activity breaks – because nothing says team bonding like throwing yourself off a cliff and into fast flowing water! The entire activity of canyoning really combines a number of other sports like abseiling, rock climbing and swimming as you make your way through some beautiful terrains. This isn’t something to just go and do by yourself though so make sure that your activity breaks have a knowledgeable guide on hand to help! For those looking to try canyoning without travelling too far – Lake Garda is a great option for the activity.

2 .Heli-Skiing – Skiing might be as extreme as you want your activity break to be. But if you want to take it that bit further then heli-skiing might be right up your street. You’re picked up by helicopter across spectacular mountain scenery before being dropped off atop untouched snow on mountains yet to be tainted with ski lifts and skiers.

3. Bridge climbing – Nowadays people will do anything for that perfect view (or to catch that Pokemon on Pokemon Go…). Bridge climbing is one new tourist attraction that’s popping up around the world in various famous locations to offer unrivalled views and alternative ways of exploring some of these cities’ top sights. I’ve seen this once in action at Sydney Harbour Bridge (see photo below…those little specks are people climbing!) but safe to say I won’t be trying it anytime soon! You climb across with the help of a guide and of course a harness and safety equipment much like a fancy alternative tour.


4. BASEjumping – BASE jumping stands for Building Antenna Span (bridges) and Earth – 4 types of locations that the sport’s jumpers tend to jump off. This is often classed as the most extreme sport with a huge number of fatalities associated with its short history. The lower altitude than skydiving means that the timing in deploying their parachute is vital so this isn’t something just anyone should try.

5. Skydiving – Skydiving was the original basejumping with it being the kind of thing people only did for their bucket list or to raise money for charity. However, nowadays it’s become more accessible than ever for anyone looking to try it on their next activity break. Indoor skydiving experiences are popping up even around the UK, giving you the same experience with a whole lot less of the risk.

6. Extreme ironing – Extreme ironing combines some of the most extreme sports in the world and puts a bit of a different twist onto it. Not only do participants have to find unique areas and get to them, they then take some time to relax and do the housework they’ve been missing out on during their travels. Carrying an ironing board while rock climbing is no easy feat in itself but when you need that shirt tidy, then you’ve just got to find the perfect spot for it…right?

7. Zero gravity flights – It used to be that zero gravity flights were activities you only seen in the cinema when astronauts were being prepared for some super important flight into space. Now though, this is something members of the public can get involved in for a truly unique thrill. As someone who isn’t a keen flyer – this is one I’d be avoiding at all costs! Often found around the USA, the participants are taken up on a plane that is empty inside bar some cushioning for the experience. Once in the air, the pilot will control the plane in such a way that zero gravity can be experienced for around half a minute at a time, letting you float around the cabin like an astronaut!

8. Hussaini Hanging Bridge – Found in Pakistan, this bridge looks like something from an adventure movie that would fall apart in perfect timing as the villain chases after our hero. The Hussaini Hanging Bridge is known as the most dangerous in the world so if you’re travelling to Pakistan and looking for that extreme activity break that your friends won’t be able to rival – then this is definitely for you. Rest assured though, this has become a regular tourist attraction and is quite safe to cross.

9. Volcano boarding – To start the adventure of volcano boarding, you’ll have to trek to the summit, climbing over an expanse of loose rock crumbling away underneath. On the way down again though, you’ll be sitting on a wooden board with only a little bit of rope to hold with your hands as you lean back and gain speed down the volcano. While this can be fun to imagine you’re getting away at just the appropriate speed from an active volcano as its lava flows after you, the danger isn’t in the non-existent lava, but in the lack of control over direction and the sharpness of the stones underneath.

10. Stratosphere, Las Vegas – Las Vegas is known for all its casinos and shows, but one of the most extreme activities in the area can be found in the attractions at Stratosphere Hotel. The tallest hotel on the Strip can be seen from anywhere in the city, and you won’t be surprised to find out that these theme park rides are located right at the very top. From the X-Scream which will push you over the edge from over 100 stories, to Insanity which is a claw reaching out over the edge of the roof while spinning you around at speeds up to 3 Gs – just don’t have any of the city’s many Happy Hour deals until your feet are safely back on the ground that day!

If these all seem a bit extreme for your next activity break, then why not check out our range of multi activity holidays. While far from boring, these are accessible to everyone with basic fitness levels and give you a great reason to travel within Europe.

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