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8 ways to save money before you travel

June 10, 2016

Thinking of ways to save cash before you jet off on your active holiday? Think no more, just check out our tips below for saving money...


Sometimes it helps to book things in advance; it might feel like you’re spending all your money before you even travel but it can save seriously mullah in the long run. This is particularly true for trains and buses. Most companies offer online discounts and deals aswell, so make sure you shop around a bit before you depart!

Cut out the coffee-to-go

Most of us will grab a quick coffee on the morning commute. It makes us feel more like a human. Seriously though, stop and check out those prices! £2.50 for the average coffee these days, and if you’re buying that 5 times a week, that’s already£12.50. Grab a travel mug instead and make yourself some instant coffee to bring with you. That £50 a month could be spent on something so much more worthwhile on holiday.

Skip that Friday night take-away

I know it can be monotonous coming home from work every day and having to cook dinner. Friday take-away nights can be a real treat after a tiring week. Depending on what you’re ordering, your Friday night take-away can cost between £10-20. Imagine spending that money in a beach restaurant instead. Plus, your body will thank you for cutting out the carbs!

Save the pennies

Keep a jar for all your loose change, and make the effort to drop the odd pound coin in. Make the conscious effort to empty your wallet/purse/pockets into this jar at regular intervals. You’d be surprised how much this can all add-up. Using a glass jar in particular is a good idea, as you can see the money build up! Even better, you get that fun task of counting it all up at the end, and there’s always that overwhelming sense of satisfaction at what you have achieved.

Buy second hand

I am a huge advocate for buying things second-hand, or upcycling old things. Got an old jacket or dress that you bought that one time in the sale that you haven’t worn as it’s a slightly odd shape, or slightly too big? Take it to your local tailors/seamstress. They’ll fix it right up for a small price and you’ll feel like you’ve added to your wardrobe! E-bay and amazon can be great for clothing bargains. So can charity shops – there’s always so many items that still have tags on!

Use coupons or get a loyalty card

Don’t automatically bin that flyer you got through the door. Most flyers have discounts or deals that you can avail of. Sign up to loyalty cards and newsletters. Large companies and corporations let their loyal customers and subscribers know about their deals first, and this may really help with the grocery shopping in particular.

Don’t impulse buy

Ask yourself before you buy: “Do I really need this?” If the answer isn’t a resounding yes, then you probably don’t need it. When buying clothes, it can be a good idea to try and visualise that particular item with others from your wardrobe. If you can’t think of anything that it will match, then it’s probably best to leave it as you’ll end up buying more things to wear with it. For electronics, DVDs and books, they can generally be cheaper online so make sure you shop around!

Buy a metal water-bottle

This one is quite specific, but seriously, buying a bottle of water everyday can seriously hit the funds where it hurts. A metal water bottle will last the test of time, remove the nasty plastics and steadily save you money.  

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