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Alpine Spa and Thermal baths

September 12, 2016

Do you feel neglected and in need of some tender love and care? Have you worked your body to the bone and need get yourself refreshed and feeling like a new person? Have a look at our Alpine Spa breaks – especially nice for winter. Is there anything better than snuggling up warm and relaxed while it’s snowing outside?!

Our spa breaks are carefully chosen and designed to give you the best possible regenerative experience possible. Activity Breaks fully understand the effect that hard work and the pressures of the modern lifestyle can have on a person. If you have a hectic year or term ahead and need to get yourself invigorated and pampered to the max then do it now before you get caught up in the rush of everyday life.

We’re not the only ones who think that Alpine spa breaks are a good idea, the Guardian recently did an article on the same topic; visiting places also offer. One of popular Alpine spa breaks is located in the Spa Town of Bormio. The thermal springs around the Bormio area have attracted people to the area since ancient Roman times; Leonardo Da Vinci mentioned the original baths in his writings. The water is naturally heated under the mountainside to between 37 and 43°C all year round. Today the Bagni di Bormio offer two thermal spas, the ‘Bagni Vecchi’ (Old Baths) and the ‘Bagni Nuovi’ (New Baths). 

The Bagni Nuovi Spa offers thirty different thermal pools, saunas, steam rooms in a luxury setting for total relaxation. A splendid garden is accessible throughout the year with different pools and baths so you can sit outside in the warm thermal water surrounded by beautiful snowy views in the winter, or lush green mountainside in the summer.

The Bagni Vecchi spa begins with a visit to a cave dug into the rock for a soak in the thermal water, continues with a visit to the ‘Medieval Baths’ where various saunas and steam rooms let you sweat out any impurities, followed by the ‘Imperial Baths’ where various thermal pools relax and reinvigorate, leading to the splendid outdoor pool with a fantastic view over Bormio and the surrounding valley. From there you can also head down into the secluded gardens and visit the atmospheric old ‘Roman Baths’ which date back to ancient Roman times. No wonder people choose an Alpine Spa as the perfect relaxing holiday!

If you want to give the Alpine Spa a go, then drop our customer services team an email at and they can get you a personalised quote.

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