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Alternative Tours

May 5, 2016

Walking tours

The most basic and also sometimes the best tour is the one completed on foot. Although, in recent years people have started to put a twist on these simple walking tours. Foodie tours are becoming more and more popular, as people stop off at all the major food haunts while exploring. Tapas tours in Spain are becoming more popular and if you’re visiting Brooklyn then you have to try their pizza walking tour! Maybe food isn’t your thing. Some tours also cover all the major history hot-spots, like the Jack the Ripper Tours in London or the Gangster Mob Tours in NYC. If you want to go to Poland, they offer Tours of Krakow and Auschwitz.


For a fun alternative to trekking round a city, why not try Segwaying? Belfast offer a fantastic tour around the Titanic Quarter of the city, where visitors can cover the vast area of the docks on 2 wheels. Or you could Segway in the heat taking in the sites of Valencia and Seville in Spain! Or take in the history of Jerusalem in Israel with their Segway tour that takes you to the Wailiing Wall and the Old City.

Alternative automobiles

Ok, so using a car can be the best method of transportation – but where’s the fun in that?! What a real adventure break, then explore a landscape via snowmobile! Reykjavik offer snowmobile tours of the vast golden circle, where you can see the beauty of Iceland! Or if you prefer somewhere warmer, then why not take a tuk-tuk around Chang-mai in Thailand, or hire a sand-dune buggy to explore vast desert landscapes? Both Egypt and Dubai offer fantastic sand-dune buggy tours, and if you’ve gone all that way already, it would be rude not to avail of them!

Scuba diving

Something I’ve always wanted to … explore an underwater city! Port Royal in Jamaica, Dwarka in India, Lion City in China and Villa Epecuen in Argentina, they are all lost under the sea and make the most spectacular site! If these cities are safe to explore then sometimes scube-diving tours can be offered. However, most of the time these dive sites have strict rules around them, and you need to be a qualified diver. For information on how to get diving qualification, check out our blog on PADI certificates!

Bike tours

Bike can be a great way to discover a large city at your own pace and for cheap! Our very own Belfast recently got public bikes installed all around the city, similar to those already available in London. Guided bike tours can be an even better way to discover hidden gems, and really get to know the city! Copenhagen offer guided bike tours, which is handy as the city can be expensive, and Berlin offer a great novelty bike tour where you sit in a circle and cycle while your guide controls the direction. If you’re looking to go somewhere quieter, don’t rule bikes out – we have a wide variety of cycling breaks on our website that will enable you to get out exploring while you pedal!

Animal Tours

A great adventure break idea if you’re an animal lover is a horse-riding package. Places like Tuscany, Ireland and Croatia that have a beautiful landscape can be easily explored by horse-back! Or if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, then you could travel camel riding in Dubai or Egypt, where you can take in the desert landscape from a higher vantage point!

River Tours

A great way to see the “whole picture”, river tours can provide a greater perspective of city live from a distance whilst also seeing a lot of the riverside attractions. Venice boat tours are an absolute must for travellers visiting Venice to capture the true essence of the city. We offer great weekend breaks in Prague and Oslo that include river tours! Places like Singapore and Hong Kong also offer fantastic river tour options, and that be a great way to get around such a huge place and also avoid lots of the hustle and bustle. Or if you’re looking something completely different, why not visit the floating markets in Vietnam – where all stalls and buyers are on their own boats!!

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