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Battle: Spa vs. Spa

June 20, 2016

Sometimes when you’re planning your next break, it can be a bit of a battle to decide where to go and how to spend your precious time away! This week in honour of tonight’s Game of Thrones episode (whose title we cannot name here…) we’re doing a battle of the spas! So if you’re deciding between a relaxing spa break and going to see Formula One racing in Spa, Belgium – then read on for the highlights of both.

House Spa – Let It Be Chill


Maybe you work a really stressful job, and you can think of nothing better than to spend your time off relaxing and rejuvenating your body in preparation for the rest of the year to come. If this sounds like you, then spa breaks might be right up your street. If you have kids, there’s no reason to think that spa breaks are a thing of the past. Some resorts will have special kids clubs that can keep your children entertained while you take some time away to be pampered! Horse Country Resort and Spa is a great choice with a mini- and junior-club to look after your little ones while you enjoy three treatments at the spa.

If you don’t have kids though, then this can be the ultimate romantic break. Travelling as a couple can sometimes be super stressful but spa holidays will allow you to relax together and spend some quality time. While adventure breaks where you’re constantly on-the-go are great for shared experiences and new things to talk about, spa breaks as a couple let you have deep and meaningful conversations that the stress of everyday life usually takes away from you.

House Racing – We Do Not Slow


Alternatively, maybe your way of relaxing every weekend is to get up early (depending on the race location!) and watch the Formula One. While Hamilton fans might be starting to fear the worst, seeing your heroes in person is truly an experience not to be missed. Formula One is a sport that the whole family can get involved in (aside from perhaps the crashes!) and everyone can pick their favourite without any real rough rivalries compared to other sports.

However, it’s true that it’s difficult to follow the tour for yourself unless you have a lot of money. But don’t let that put you off. Some of the European dates are accessible to anyone and with ActivityBreaks’ Formula One packages, all you have to worry about is booking flights and anything else you want to experience in the host city during your break! With tickets to both qualifying and the race, you’ll immerse yourself in the Grand Prix and not have to miss a moment. Our Spa Grand Prix in Belgium starts from €491per person, while others like the Hungarian can be experienced for €441per person.

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