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Bernina Express – what is it?

July 6, 2016

The famous Bernina Express train enables you to discover the Alps from the comfort of a panoramic train ride. From Tirano to St. Moritz, the train travels along a beautiful route that was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 2008. This unique single track railway climbs to a maximum height of 2,253m – the highest point reached by a train in Europe - offering spectacular views of mountain lakes and glaciers along the way, before descending into the chic mountain resort of St. Moritz. The journey is beautiful at any time of year, lush and green in the summer, completely snow covered in winter, and offering beautiful, vibrant colours in the autumn. Need more convincing? Have a look at the breath-taking route…


The historic town of Tirano is located in Valtellina, Northern Italy, very close to the Swiss border. Tirano has an abundance of interesting places to visit for lovers of history, food and wine. While it may not look impressive at first glance from the main road, head towards the historic centre and main piazza and wander around the streets there, and you will not be able to deny the charm of the place. The Bernina Express departs from here on it’s beautiful journey...


Brusio Circular Viaduct

This part of the track looks like something out of Mario Kart. This viaduct completes a 360-degree loop so it is possible to overcome the difference in altitude as the train climbs through the alps. The Brusio Circular Viaduct is considered the most spectacular construction on the Bernina Line.


The Bernina Express then passes Lake Poschiavo


And climbs into the Alps

Where the views become truly spectacular. The train passes by bodies of water and through the mountains until you’re actually above the clouds… The views from here are unforgettable: the Palü Glacier, Bernina Range, Bergamasque Alps and all Valposchiavos


The Landwasser Viaduct

The viaduct at Filisur spans the Landwasser Valley and leads directly into a tunnel. The construction of the three main pillars in 1901/02 was an outstanding architectural feat, considering that the viaduct was built using only two cranes and without scaffolding. This is the most spectacular landmark on the Rhaetian Railway and it has become famous the world over.


The Bernina Express track is a masterpiece in terms of civil engineering. The landscape and railway blend into one. If this has tickled your fancy and you want to see it for yourself, then why not check out our activity holiday deals for the Bernina Express? Combine the train journey with wine tasting or just enjoy a mini break… whatever your choice, it’s definitely one for the bucket list!

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