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Are your boots made for walking?

January 26, 2016

Looking for an active holiday that will still let you take in the awesome scenery of Europe? We have a number of walking holidays that you can enjoy within Europe. Whether you’re looking to combine your walking holiday with tasting the local cuisine or sleeping in traditional mountain huts, we have the walking tours for you!

For those who don’t mind walking in the heat, we have two walking holidays near Barcelona. Both are guided but you can choose between walking through rustic Spain’s Nature Parks with a traditional farmhouse lunch included, or try Nordic walking!

Our Nordic walking holiday will teach you this technique using poles. Unlike hill-walking, the poles are not in front of the walker and used to help climb, instead it developed from skiers looking for off-season training methods. The poles are therefore used instead to help regulate pace and stride. The benefits are much more thorough than normal walking both for the cardiovascular system and muscles.

Alternatively, for spectacular scenery, we have walking holidays following beautiful paths in Tuscany (Italy), Salzkammergut and Linz (both Austria). Our Tuscany walking tour is for those who want to take their activity at their own speed as you will be provided with GPS tracks and maps to find your own way around the Maremma Hills. For those looking further activity in their holiday, you can also rent bikes or go on horseback excursions from this hotel!

In Austria, you can get amongst the wild romantic beauty that lines the River Danube. During this break, you can again walk at your leisure, and you will fully immerse yourself in the culture by staying in local 3* inns along the trail. Alternatively, Salzkammergut offers something a little bit different with another self-guided walking holiday. However, this also includes entrance to the Koppenbrüller Cave where you will go underground for a one-hour guided tour. These caves provide an awesome experience with drums set up so that you will be serenaded by the sounds of the water falling during your underground adventure.

If you’re a fan of Italian food (we are!) then you might enjoy the walking holiday through the Cinque Terre (“five lands”) where you’ll also taste local wines and be served up a 3-course speciality fish dinner. While heat in summer means mid-afternoon walks aren't recommended, you can enjoy the local land area with a 2 day train card included in your walking holiday package, along with entrance to the National Park.

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