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Our Dublin city break is sure to be great craic!

March 4, 2016

The bustling capital city of the Republic of Ireland has so much to offer tourists so it’s so no surprise that you’ll find it full of people from all around the world all year round exploring its various sights! Of course, most people know the country and city for their awesome taste in alcohol but there’s plenty of history and culture to discover, although the weather of course can’t be guaranteed!


So while yes they do still speak English, the Irish also have plenty of their own slang terms that you might want to get a hang of before you head off on your Dublin city break!

What’s the craic? – It’s hard to explain this one because craic can be used in a few different contexts, but in this phrase it usually means what’s going on or the equivalent of “what’s up?”

Quare – Quare means the same thing as very or quite, so “it was quare cold” would mean it was pretty cold!

Scarlet for ya – This is a phrase you’ll hear among mates down at the pub. It means something along the lines of “I’m embarrassed for you” and is pretty easy to work out how given the blushing that some of us experience when we get embarrassed!

Donkey’s years – Not quite sure how this one came about but donkey years means “a very long time” e.g. “I haven’t heard this song in donkey’s years!”

Savage – if something’s savage unfortunately it can mean either “really good” or “really bad” depending on the context so be careful!

Banjaxed – Meaning broken, if someone tells you something is banjaxed you’re probably best to avoid it!


So now you’re all sorted with understanding the people you’ll meet, what is there to see and do on your city break? There’s something for everyone in the city but the most popular attraction by far is The Guinness Storehouse in St. James’ Gate Brewery. As well as getting that classic picture outside the gates or from the Gravity Bar while you enjoy a complimentary pint after completing a tour, you can tour the brewery and learn more about the history of the black stuff! Luckily for you, if this is something on your travel checklist then you can make sure you tick it off with one of our Dublin city breaks including entrance to the Guinness Storehouse!

If the weather holds up, you might want to take in some of the beautiful architecture of the city. Not to be missed is Saint Patrick’s Cathedral which dates back to the 13th century and was built in honour of the patron saint. Another famous name associated with the site is the author of Gulliver’s Travels, Jonathan Swift, whose grave can be seen in the grounds. As well as this, Trinity College is a popular place for tourists to take in with its tranquil atmosphere despite being right in the centre of the capital! If you’re a real bookworm, the library is spectacular and resembles something like that at Hogwarts and you can even tour it to see the location of over 5 million books and even the famous Book of Kells!

For something a little different you might want to visit the National Leprechaun Museum where you’ll have an interesting guide tell you all about the mythical creatures! We don’t think they know the location of any pots of gold though! Alternatively you can visit Bram Stoker’s Castle Dracula… Although you probably associate Dracula with Transylvania, Bram Stoker was Irish so you can visit this exhibition to explore the history and origins of the story. This is no normal historical tour though as you’ll visit the Gargoyle Courtyard, Dracula’s library and experience scares at awesome Castle Dracula Show!

So now you’ve hopefully found a reason to head off on a Dublin city break, we’ve made it a little easier for you to do so by putting together two packages (3* or 4*) staying in the centre of the city and including Guinness Storehouse entrance, 2 day ticket for the hop on hop off red city sightseeing tour bus and 1 night of Irish culture with a 3-course dinner and Irish dance or entertainment show!

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