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Entertain yourself at the airport

August 3, 2016

Airports… you either love them or hate them. Generally, we’ll all end up spending longer than we anticipated at the airport at some stage in our lives. Delays happen! So don’t spend the whole time draining your data or the battery on your phone, try out these suggestions on your next Activity Break in Europe and maybe the airport wait won’t seem so bad!

Download something to watch on your phone

Most airports will give you complimentary Wi-Fi for at least half an hour – use this time wisely to download something to watch. Maybe you already have Sky Go Extra that lets you download content to your phone and watch it offline. Amazon Prime also offer this service, so if you’re with either of these two companies then you’re flying. Flying. Get it? Ok that was a horrible pun. If you fancy it, you can also buy movies from I-Tunes and if you have i-cloud set up you can watch these straight away on your device. Similarly, podcasts are a great way of keeping yourself entertained! Unfortunately, at the moment, Netflix don’t offer an offline screening service, though watch this space as they’ll need to keep up with competition!

Read a book

Nothing screams holiday more than starting a new holiday read. When you go into the WHS smiths in the airport they’re always full of people searching for that next great distraction. WHS Smith…So good that Heathrow Airport has 12! Time flies when you’re reading a book.

People watch

Sometimes it’s nice to sit back and watch the world go by. People are seriously entertaining. Some people play People Watching Bingo which involves creating a list of things to spot while waiting. First person to cross of all their people gets bought a treat by the losers. Something like this…


Browse the shops

Unless you want to spend all your holiday money before you get to your destination, I don’t encourage actually buying something in every shop you go into. Sometimes it can be nice to see what’s on offer, and it’s interesting to see the difference in prices between airport and ‘real world’. Sometimes, airports have products that aren’t available in store yet, so this can be a great time to snap up an early-bird bargain!

Travel games

I know this idea seems quite old-fashioned but travel games are really good for helping to put the time in. Travel chess and travel battle ships are personal faves. Small enough to slip into the hand luggage but perfect for keeping you and your travel partner entertained. Same thing can be said with a pack of cards. Nothing beats a good old game of Jack Change It.

Get some food

If you have an hour to pass, nip into one of the airports eateries and fill your boots. This is a must if you’re not a fan of plane food! If you don’t fancy eating then settle yourself into the bar and have a pint and watch whatever is on their TV.


For seasoned travellers who can sleep anywhere and those who are facing long delays, there’s nothing better to put the time in than sleeping. Seriously, I had a 7 hour lay-over in Dubai on my way to Ghana and I curled up in the corner and slept. Woke up with 2 hours left before departure, giving me enough time to use the food voucher the airline had provided. Win win.

Explore that airports Niche

Most new airports these days have something different engineered to entertained their travellers. Changi Airport in Singapore has a roof top pool, in case you fancy having a dip before you fly. Dubai airport has an indoor garden where you can go and relax, particularly handy if you’re a nervous flyer! Vancouver Airport has an aquarium, and Amsterdam Airport has an actual museum attached to it. So if you’re at a quirky new airport, definitely take the time to go an explore, who knows what might be on offer!

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