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NEW BREAK: Europa-Park - Fun family holiday

February 16, 2016

Are you looking for a fun holiday that will appeal to children and parents both? Germany’s largest theme park Europa-Park has the perfect blend of thrill rides and family shows and attractions that ensure the whole family will never be bored during their trip! The theme park opened its gates in 1975 when the family took inspiration having visited theme parks in the USA. However, don’t let the young age of the park fool you as this modern theme park is regularly updating its attractions, with its latest land of Ireland opening in the next few months.

Each of the themed areas will transport you beyond the German lands that you’ve traversed on your way to the park with each representing different countries in Europe!  Why not start in “Germany” where you can take your family on a gentle boat trip on the Elf ride. A similar experience can be seen in “Italy” where you’ll take a chilled out gondola ride through various cities in Italy, all with the help of a very talkative parrot!

For those looking a little more excitement in their fun holiday, don’t stop reading just yet! “France” boasts Europe’s second highest rollercoaster, The Silver Star – Hypercoaster! When a rollercoaster is sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, you know it’s going to be pretty awesome! Alternatively, we recommend the Euro-Mir spinning coaster in “Russia” (just not if you get dizzy easily) which spins throughout the whole rollercoaster ride! This ride is based on the Russian space missions with a drop of 86 feet to bring you right back into the Earth’s atmosphere.

The fun isn’t limited to what we’ve covered here though, with 14 different lands to explore, there’s more than enough to keep the family busy during your short holiday here. All 4 of the hotels located in the theme park are 4* with the Hotel Bell Rock boasting a restaurant with two Michelin stars! The hotels are again themed around different parts of the world with the American Hotel Bell Rock; Portuguese Santa Isabel; Spanish El Andaluz; Spanish Medieval Castillo Alcazar; and Italian Colosseo.

We have family holidays to Europa-Park for 2 nights with 2 day entrance to the park for the whole family available right through until November 2016. If you’re planning your summer holiday and want a fun holiday that the kids are sure to love from the minute they arrive at the hotel, then look no further! Prices start from €1144EUR based on 2 adults & 2 children sleeping in 2 beds.

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