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European City Breaks

November 16, 2016

Prague is becoming more and more popular for short city breaks in Europe with the increase in direct flights from some of the biggest cities in the UK and Ireland. As well as this, it’s well-known for its cheap beer and beautiful buildings – so why not put it on your travel bucket list? Before you head off on your next European city break though, here are some interesting facts that have kept our office talking this week!

  1. If you appreciate some artwork, Prague has a multitude of strange statues mainly from artist David Cerny. These include bronze babies climbing like spiders on Zizkov TV tower, two men urinating on the Czech Republic at the Kafka Museum, and even Sigmund Freud hanging by one arm near Old Town Square!
  2. Prague has a super narrow alleyway which you use traffic lights to go down! The alley is only 50cm wide and so trying to pass someone here would be impossible. On your city break you can find this near Charles Bridge at U Luzicheko Seminare.
  3. Instead of eating turkey at Christmas, those in the Czech Republic prefer to feast on carp which is kept fresh until the big day!
  4. If you’re planning your city break around sampling the many beers of the Czech Republic, then you won’t be alone! The country consumes the most beer per capita at over 140 litres per person each year – that’s just less than half a litre each day…
  5. After the Rolling Stones played one of the first concerts in the post-Stalin regime city, and apparently, they noted that Prague Castle was beautiful but a shame that it couldn’t be admired at night. The band then paid the $32,000 to have lighting installed by their own lighting designer – so tourists to this day can still enjoy its magnificence at night!
  6. If you plan on seeing the Astronomical Clock at Old Town Hall, try to plan your visit on the hour as 12 apostle figures appear in a procession, while the figure of Death is seen with his hourglass as a somewhat ominous feature.
  7. Alchemy might be something you best associate with your favourite TV shows, but on your next city break why not explore the European museum where they still honor the practice? Prague’s Alchemy Museum was set up as a laboratory by then Emperor Rudolf II in the 1500s and has since been shrouded in mystery and speculation.
  8. Prague is known as Paris of the East for good reason with its many romantic hotspots for couples to enjoy on their break. However, one major link to love can be admired in the Church of Saint Paul and Peter where they have on display the shoulder bone of Saint Valentine himself which was discovered in the basement in 2002.

If you want to explore all these facts in person and see some of the beautiful buildings and sights, then why not check out our city breaks in Prague?

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