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Exciting times are ahead for the 2017 F1 season!

January 17, 2017

While we have be stuffing our faces with turkey, the F1 drivers have been preparing themselves for a gruelling 2017 season so they are at peak fitness for the start of the season. 2017 sees a change in the design on the cars aerodynamics which will lead to faster lap times but demand much more from the drivers in terms of physical driving.

Are you all set for the 2017 F1 Grand prix packages? Testing on the 2017 cars and tyres at the end of February at the Circuit de so it’s going to be interesting to see how the new car designs really affect the drivers. Stamina and endurance are key, a cornering F1 car can create up to 3.5g of force on a driver, added to this are the temperatures they must endure sitting in the cramped cockpit of the car on the searing heat on track, during a race. Drivers must remain psychically and mentally alert for the duration of the race, with lightning fast reaction times to get to the front!

The chest and neck of the F1 driver are the areas put under the most stress and pressure, hence when it comes to fitness training these are parts they focus on, but given their need to keep bodyweight to a minimum they are always careful not to build too much muscle. Equipment found in your everyday gym can’t replicate the stresses and loads put on the body whilst driving an F1 car, so most drivers train using specially designed rigs where they can develop the muscles required to with stand the G force of a cornering F1 car! 

During a race drivers, can lose up to 3 litres of fluids as they sweat it out in the cockpit, so staying hydrated is of vital importance, thankfully they can drink via a specially fitted straw that goes into their helmet. 

2017 F1 Grand Prix packages are now available to book – there is a very special offer available now! Book your F1 package before the 28th February 2017 and you will get return airport transfers included in the cost of your break. All standard F1 packages include a 3 * hotel, general admission tickets for Saturday and Sunday, as well as return hotel to track transfers for every race we offer.

If you require an upgrade to the hotel, or an upgrade from general admission tickets then this can be arranged.

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