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F1 Grand Prix packages to get your heart racing!

January 15, 2016

We know that all you Formula One fans are waiting with baited breath for the kick off of the new season in a couple of weeks. Indeed, there are a few questions waiting to be answered by this year’s Grand Prix … will Mercedes hold on to their top spot? Will the tyre rule changes have any impact on racers' strategies? Will this be Rosberg's year to beat Hamilton? Add in the excitement of Haas’s new team and a return of the German Grand Prix… this year is going to be a nail biter!

So if you could choose one circuit to watch, which would it be? Would it be Spa, Belgium, widely acknowledged as one of the best circuits in the world? Its sharp hairpin bends and high-speed downhills and track through the forest make it a beautiful and exciting course. Or would it be Monaco’s circuit winding through the streets of Monte Carlo? The track home to the slowest corner in Formula One thanks to the deceptive nature of its downhill hairpin bend. Or maybe the notoriously treacherous Hockenheimring circuit in Germany has pricked your intrigue. Regardless of circuit preference, there’s no denying that this year’s F1 Grand Prix is going to be Trulli exciting.

Thankfully, we have deals that cater for all tastes, with Formula 1 ticket and hotel packages enabling you see all the action and explore the host city. Our European Grand Prix packages contain tickets for the Saturday qualifier and the Sunday race, along with transfers to the race track. With 3 nights included in the package, why not use your spare time to venture away from the track and immerse yourself in what the host city has to offer? Explore the nightlife in Brussels, or go shopping in the ever fashionable Milan. Explore our full range of F1 Grand Prix Packages here. Or if Formula One isn’t to your taste, why not check out our other events packages here.

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