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April 18, 2016

Activity breaks don’t have to mean throwing yourself into the sea or skiing down snowy slopes, instead you can let your tastes in TV, film and music take you around the world – and we don’t just mean scheduling a holiday at a weekend so you don’t miss the next episode of Coronation Street! Now more than ever, artists will tour the world, while filming locations can vary from one country to another with more access than ever to different areas. Why not place yourself there and re-live some of the most iconic scenes in film and TV?

Game of Thrones has taken the world by storm and we only have one more week to wait until the new season starts. Did you know that most of the filming so far has been split between Belfast, Northern Ireland and Dubrovnik, Croatia? It’s pretty clear from the climate differences which scenes have been filmed in which country – in Northern Ireland, it’s pretty much always fair to say that not only is winter coming, but it never left! While the sights of Winterfell and King’s Road can be seen across Northern Ireland, King’s Landing and many of Daenerys’ scenes, including Qarth and the Tower of the Undying take place in Dubrovnik in the real world. Our top tip for such a visit is to do your research before going! By this we mean a legit excuse to re-watch the whole show from the start so that you’ll know which scenes your tour guides are talking about when you’re shown around!

If you’d rather visit Hogwarts than King’s Landing, then don’t worry! Whether you apparate or take the Express from Platform 9¾, you can experience the magic of Harry Potter in London at Warner Bros. Studio Tour! From walking through the doors of the Great Hall to visiting 4 Privet Drive, you’ll see it all. There are plenty of photo opportunities throughout the experience, so don’t be embarrassed to make the most of your weekend activity break by dressing up in your house colours!

Alternatively, for those whose Favourite Things include a certain Julie Andrews musical, why not visit Salzburg where you can stay in Villa Trapp (the home of the family!) and be taken on a sightseeing tour of all the landmarks you’ve become familiar with through the Sound of Music film! There’s never been a better time to combine your entertainment preferences with seeing an awesome new place, and love giving you these great reasons to travel!

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