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Madrid city facts

August 16, 2016

Spain has long been a popular destination for British tourists because of its close location, beautiful weather, and cheap food and drink! However, if you haven’t been privy to a holiday in Spain, or have always stuck to beach holidays, why not try something more cultural with a city break in Madrid? As the capital, there is plenty of art and history to immerse yourself in during your break, while those who have always wanted to try true tapas won’t have any problem finding somewhere to eat! If you like the quirkier side of cities though, we’ve put together some of the more fun facts about Madrid to help inspire your travel!

  • Madrid has its own theme park which is well worth a visit for thrill-seekers! Parque Warner is a Warner Brothers theme park with its own superheroes area, old Western and enough rides to keep you busy all day regardless of your nerve levels!
  • If you’re heading to Madrid in summer, definitely pack t-shirts and shorts! The hottest day ever was in 2012 when temperatures reached 40.5°C!
  • The oldest restaurant in the world can be found in Madrid – Restaurante Botin! This dates back to 1725 but be warned that the prices are quite high and you might even need to make reservations to guarantee getting a table.
  • Madrid is more popular as a choice city for filming than you think. Moulin Rouge, Quantum of Solace, and The Others were all at least partially shot here.
  • On New Year’s Eve, there is a tradition for those in Madrid to wait in the Puerta de Sol square for midnight to roll around. 12 grapes are then eaten as the clock strikes midnight in order to bring in good luck for the next year.
  • A strange way of finding a good bar in the city, is to see which has the most napkins on the floor. While in other parts of the world this would indicate a bar to avoid, in Spain this is customary to throw your napkin on the floor after and lets you know that many locals have eaten here that day!
  • Madrid’s football club Real Madrid are one of only three in the country that have never been relegated from La Liga!
  • The people of Madrid are often referred to as “gatos” meaning cats. This is because a soldier in 1083 scaled the city walls nimbly before lowering a rope for others to join him in order to take back their city

If you’ve found out enough about the city to pique your interest, then why not check out our Madrid city break package where you’ll get to try traditional tapas!

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