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The magic of Harry Potter

March 1, 2016

The dream to experience the world of witchcraft and wizardry is one held by many of us out there. For the younger fans, the trepidation of waiting for your Hogwart’s letter on your 11th Birthday is a common memory. But thankfully, we mere muggles can now enjoy the magic of Harry Potter by stepping into the wizarding world created by the fantastic Warner Bros Studios. The Warner Bros. Studio Tour London provides plenty for the Harry Potter enthusiast, with fans able to stroll through the props and sets that brought the books to life.

On the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, you will get to experience all the iconic props, sets and costumes that made Harry Potter so real for so many. Walk the length of the great hall, past the house tables with the house colours emblazoned on uniforms and past the hourglasses that hold the house points. See Dumbledore as he stands, flanked by Snape and McGonagall, at his lectern.

Visitors can enter into the world of the Triwizard tournament, viewing costumes and props from the Yule Ball. The dress robes of Krum, Hermione, Fleur, Harry and Ron are on display alongside the lavish table settings from the Ball. The Triwizard Cup (or sneaky Portkey) is also on display!!

The Fat Lady will grant access to the Gryffindor common room and dorms, where you can relive iconic moments from the movies! See where the Gryffindor’s celebrated their Quidditch win in the Goblet of Fire, and where Harry discovers the name of the original owner of his Advanced Potions book. The dormitory that Harry made home still stands – with the boy’s four-poster beds and trunks still there.

Visitors can also step out of the World of Hogwarts and experience the Knight Bus, Diagon Alley, the Burrow and the Ministry of Magic. The Knight Bus was so top heavy that 4 tons of weight had to be added to the bottom so it didn't fall over (probably why you can’t go on it) but the bus is still there to view and peek inside! The breath-taking Ministry of Magic set pays homage to the Dark Lord, as it was the location Voldemort first confronted Dumbledore and Harry in full strength again and the ‘Magic is Might’ statue still stands. The Burrow set brings to life the happy and quirky side of the Harry Potter world with the props still showing their magic - knives cutting food and dishes washing themselves!

Experience all of this and more with our London 3* City break with Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter and a hop-on hop-off bus staying 2 nights in 3* centrally-located Travelodge Farringdon!

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