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Making Transfers Fun

December 7, 2016

While the world now has more airline routes than ever at affordable prices to travel with your family, sometimes you have to go further than main cities to have the best experiences. If you’re planning a fun break with your family that’s more than an hour from the nearest airport, you might be put off by trying to stop your children from getting bored on the journey. If this is something that’s stopped you in your tracks before, then read on for some of our tips on how to make those lengthy transfers go by in no time!

Game Apps

Most families will now have at least one smartphone so while you might not have any signal in Europe, you can still use it for games! By downloading games from the App Store (there are plenty of freebies on there!) this could be a fun activity to distract the kids for a while before you reach your destination. Although you might be going on holiday and hoping that the kids will have so much fun they don’t need technology for the duration of their break, if this is what keeps them entertained for even part of the journey then you might be grateful for them! Our personal favourite here at is Heads Up which is interactive for all the family to enjoy, even if it is 79p to download!

Tablet with movies/TV shows

With Netflix’s recent upgrade allowing you to now download movies or TV shows to an Android or iPhone, you don’t have to worry about roaming charges or lack of WiFi on your next break for something fun to keep the family entertained. While we wouldn’t recommend this on a shared transfer without headphones, if you’re sharing a taxi or hiring a car, it might be a great idea to keep the family quiet while they catch up on the latest episode of their favourite show! If you’re going to do this though, make sure your battery is well-charged beforehand and perhaps invest in an external power source so that you can boost it again!

Road trip classics (I Spy etc, categories)

It’s a timeless classic but games where you don’t need technology are the ultimate in family bonding on your fun breaks that involve long transfers. As well as keeping your brain challenged while you’re on holiday, these types of games can ensure the whole family get involved. Classics like, I Spy are great when traveling because of the potentially different landscapes you’ll be passing through are different to anything you’re used to at home. Another personal favourite of ours is categories where somebody chooses a category and everyone must take it in turns to name something from within that category (with no repeats), e.g. Harry Potter characters, or European countries if you’re feeling a bit more topical!

“Goody travel bag”

Kids love nothing more than presents and you can use this to your advantage by surprising them with some fun surprises in a goody bag for your next journey. You could save this in your luggage for when they land, ahead of the transfer, so that they don’t get bored of what’s inside by the end of your flight! Ideas for what to include in a surprise travel goody bag include colouring books with pencils or a new cuddly toy (pound shops are great for buying several different toys with little cost if they aren’t interested in them after your break). If your children are a bit older then magazines, a reading light, and some snacks…

Buy snacks at the airport

This might seem a strange one for fun ideas to keep your family entertained, but trust us! Nothing is going to fill you with regret like your children on a long transfer saying they’re hungry for 2hours when you’re on a shared shuttle and can’t stop to buy anything! At the airport, you’ll be able to buy chocolate, crisps, cereal bars and soft drinks so we advise stocking up as the worst-case scenario is that nobody needs them and you have some snacks ready for the rest of your break.

If you’ve gained some confidence from reading this blog, then why not venture out and discover some of the best ski deals this winter in resorts that are more than 2hours transfer time from the nearest airport? Often this allows you to explore much bigger resorts on your break which will prove more fun with more variety when you get there!

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