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Money Blog Series: Travel insurance to cover your next adventure break

May 9, 2016

So you’ve booked your adventure break, flights and a whole load of clothes to take with you…but now for the boring task of sourcing the best travel insurance for the activities you’re taking part in!

Part 1: Getting travel insurance to cover your next adventure break

For a standard holiday on the beach, getting travel insurance is pretty easy and can be best achieved with a few comparisons between prices on different websites. However, when your next holiday is going to be a little more adventurous, you need to make sure you’re covered for those extra risks you’re taking – even if you hopefully won’t ever need to use it!

When you’re going on an adventure break, it’s important to really take note of your insurance policy to know what you can and can’t do without nulling your policy. Standard travel insurance will allow you to of course do some walking and cycling – as these are activities that you might be expected to enjoy while on a holiday. However, even here you might find that if you’re cycling without a helmet, and you sustain an injury, your insurance becomes void. Similarly, walk off the beaten path and any slips might be more costly than you imagined when wanting to get the best views and unexplored sights.

A plus point for booking a package holiday is that you will know up-front exactly which activities you’re going to be taking part in, or at least have a list to choose from upon arrival. With this, you can set your sights on insurance policies which includes these. However, where you’re going over and then deciding what to do, our recommendation would be to print out the small print of your travel insurance documents that states exactly which activities are covered so that you can’t stray from this.

For those of you who shop smart and purchase travel insurance annually (and are lucky enough to be able to travel frequently enough to make use of it!), again it’s key to check exactly what this covers, especially if one of your yearly trips is to go skiing in the winter. Alternatively, for those who like to hit the slopes, you really need to ensure that if you’re purchasing an add-on for this you abide by their rules. This will usually not cover extra snow sports like tobogganing, or even off-piste skiing for those who like their winter adventure breaks with that little extra adventure.

Whether you’ve been convinced by a free meerkat or an opera singer asking you to go…compare some quotes, comparison websites are the way forward and save you a lot of hassle and research. This allows you to check the price of different insurance providers, as well as what each of them will include in your policy for your next adventure break. If you’re really looking for a better deal, then you can even check if any of these insurers have a price promise if you go direct – and a little old-school haggling never does any harm (the worst they can say is no!).


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