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Most romantic photo opportunities around the world

August 24, 2016

Instagram and social media has a lot to answer for these days and one such outcome is the envy-inspired wanderlust when travel photos are shared. You’ll often see couples seemingly being followed by a photographer during their travels, but instead they may just be pretty nifty when it comes to a camera! If you’ve always wondered where would be best to add to your romantic photo collection, we’ve compiled a list of great spots that give you a great reason to travel! Warning though, don’t just go for the photos – take some time to experience it for yourself and remember the moment. Since 12 roses are traditional for Valentine’s Day, we’ve put together 12 top romantic photo opportunities that you can take as a couple on your next break…

Helicopter Ride 

Helicopter rides are becoming more and more mainstream as ways of seeing cities and landscapes, and it certainly offers an unparalleled viewpoint during a clear day. There are plenty of places around the world where this would be ideal to grab a quick selfie. From the strip in Las Vegas at night, to the Grand Canyon and Sydney Opera House, this is definitely a close experience and something that will create lifetime memories you’ve shared together.

Ski lodge 


This is pretty specific to winter breaks, but the romance doesn’t have to stop just because you’re both hurling yourself down mountains at high speeds during the day! If you’re staying a cosy little chalet during your ski holiday, then you might find there’s a fire lit in the communal area at nights. Where better to cuddle up and keep warm? Though, for the perfect photo opportunity, you might need to ask another guest to take a totally non-candid candid photograph of you two with your backs to the camera in front of the fire!


Most children grow up watching Disney movies with their romantic fairytales which usually take place in some beautiful castle. The signature point of every Disneyland theme park is that same castle from the opening credits of these films so it would be totally amiss to go there and not get a few snaps with your other half in front of it! For an added bonus, each night the parks often have fireworks displays that light up the castle, so this will only add to the wanderlust inspired by your snaps!

Northern Lights 


Image Copyright: Nordurljos Vid Jokulsarlon Fon

The Northern Lights are the classic photo opportunity that truly is a magical experience that people pay big money to see for themselves. As you’ve trekked out to great expanses to see the “show” without any artificial lights interrupting the view, you’ll find the perfect backdrop to a photo (as long as you have a good flash!) but might again need someone else to take the picture for you as you gaze in wonder!

Guinness Storehouse


Dublin is great for romantic breaks with plenty of culture to absorb, as well as great bars and clubs! However, the classic Dublin photo opportunity is at the Guinness Storehouse, whether it’s in front of the brewery gate, or at the top of the Gravity Bar where you can see right across Dublin, all while supping on a beautiful pint of Guinness!

The Shard, London

There might be a common theme starting to emerge with alcohol, but for those who can appreciate the finer things in life, a cocktail at the top of The Shard in London is a must-do at night in particular. As the tallest building in London, you can see the lights of the city, and feel completely classy at the same time!

Eiffel Tower


France and the Eiffel Tower have become synonymous with romantic displays of affection so don’t think that it’s too cheesy for you. The land around the Tower is perfect for a great photo (and of course, you can do that completely non-lame photo with you holding the Tower if you’re good with camera positioning!) or you can go up to the top and look out over the bustling city. For a bit of a different view, Las Vegas has also created its own Eiffel Tower in the Paris hotel on the Strip. Similarly, you can buy a ticket to go to the summit here and look out over the lights of Sin City itself!

Hogwarts Castle

If you’re in your 20s, it’s likely that either you or your partner are Harry Potter mad and have been devastated by the fact that you never got to go to Hogwarts. If this is either of you, then where better to get a photo together than in front of the huge model of the castle inside the Warner Bros. Studio Tour? The ultimate romantic photo though is definitely if you visit around Christmas time when the model is covered with snow!

Great Barrier Reef


You’ll need a pretty flash camera for this one, but if you both love water then an underwater pic at the beautiful Great Barrier Reef is a must-do! Who knows who or what might even photobomb?

Christmas Markets


I’m not really sure why but for some reason the most romantic scenes tend to be in winter… If this is something you empathise with, then Christmas markets are probably right up your street. You get to wrap up warm and pretend you like to drink beer as you enjoy it from a true European Stein which you’re probably going to try to fit into your bag.

Air Balloon 


Air balloons seem to be associated a lot with couples and champagne, so get amongst it for a great photo opportunity in the sky. While helicopters are great for cities, air balloons are better suited to classic landscapes like the French Alps, so it really depends what kind of couple you are and where you like to travel.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks 


Fireworks and romance are synonymous – is it because of that spark in your relationship? I don’t know the connection but it’s there. New Year’s Eve is romantic anyway for that midnight kiss but spending it abroad in some new city where they ring in the coming year with fireworks provides an awesome opportunity to make all your friends jealous!

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