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Norway, one of the World's good guys!

February 9, 2016

Norway one of the world’s good guys. In 2014 Norway was ranked number one in the world’s prosperity index, they offer free tuition for all students at public universities, and in 2008 they even knighted a penguin! What’s not to love?

Norway also plays home to the Vikings, has a rich skiing history, was home to Edvard Munch and is renowned for its natural beauty and Fjords. Its Capital City Oslo was founded by Vikings in the mid-11th century and was destroyed by the Great Fire of 1624 before being rebuilt. Today, Oslo is a modern, thriving capital that has much to offer those looking for a short city break!

As home of the Vikings, it would be rude to go to Oslo and not visit the Vikings Ship museum. It exhibits two of the best preserved Viking ships from the 9th century! With their savagery impacting most of modern day Europe, the Vikings were also fundamental in developing trade techniques and advancing sea-faring abilities.  Our highlights of Oslo city break package includes entrance to the Viking Museum!

If the Vikings don’t intrigue you, then how about seeing the work of the acclaimed Edvard Munch? Munch is most famously known for his painting ‘The Scream’, which is set in Norway. Fun fact – the sky is thought to be red due to the Krakatoa volcano eruption in Indonesia in 1883. ‘The Scream’ was stolen at gun-point from the Munch Museum in Oslo in 2004, and is currently in a travelling Expressionism exhibition with some of Van Gogh’s work. So you might not see The Scream, but you’ll see the other work by one of the fathers of Expressionism.

Not only does Oslo exhibit the best of the country’s history and culture, it also pays homage to the Norwegian obsession of skiing! Skiing is more than a beloved pastime of Norwegians -- it's a source of national pride. Skiing has been practiced there for thousands of years! Fun fact: the oldest ski discovered in Norway dates back to 5100B.C. The first-ever ski jumper was Norwegian and some of the world's first organized ski races were held there. The Holmenkollen in Oslo is an iconic ski jumping hill, which also acts as a ski museum!

Alongside all this, Oslo also has stunning natural beauty! It has many public parks and viewpoints, but few elements are as defining to the Norwegian capital as the natural, blue fjord. The inlet of water between the high cliffs is breath-taking, and offers beautiful views of the capital. We offer a city break with a short jazz-cruise that will let you take in the sights of the city while you enjoy live music and refreshments.

With history, history of art, extreme winter sports and natural beauty all on offer – why would you not want to visit Oslo?!

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