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Romantic Madeira

July 29, 2016

If you’re like me then when you hear the word “Madeira”, you instantly think of cake. But Madeira is actually a beautiful piece of the world in the Atlantic Ocean; A group of islands off the northwest coast of Africa, Portugal’s Madeira is a popular choice for tourists worldwide. Whether this is because of the year-round summer temperatures or the beautiful landscapes the island has to offer is hard to distinguish, but the two complement each other perfectly to make for an ideal holiday destination. 

Temperatures stay between 14 and 25°C year round and so it’s likely you’ll want to explore the outdoor beauty of the island. There is plenty to see with the peaks of Pico de Arieiro accessible for those looking to hike above the clouds, or for those seeking a more tranquil visit, why not admire the Monte Palace tropical gardens.

It’s the perfect escape from today’s society, maintaining it’s beautiful natural landscape and laid-back way of life.  With flight links to most European major cities, the island offers fantastic accommodation and breath-taking scenery. I mean, look at this…


Beautiful Madeira at 1862 © DuarteSol


Miradouro Balcoes Mencionar SEMPRE Tiago Sousa desenquadrado


Miradourodo Ninhoda Manta © Joao Nelson Santos Barros


Praiada Maiata Portoda Cruz Francisco Correia


The Soul Path © Duarte Sol

The capital Funchal is a modern, cosmopolitan, rejuvenated city, well known for its many top class restaurants, stunning new 4 & 5 star hotels. Renowned for its world famous New Year’s Fire work display and of course it’s most famous export – Christiano Ronaldo! The capital is fantastically rich in culture and history and is a popular cruise ship port.

The beauty and unspoilt nature of Madeira make it perfect for a luxury spa break! Our Romantic Madeira package will let you soak up the sights of the island from a private balcony in the 5* Vidamir Resort. Located on a privileged ocean-front position and set on a cliff top with the most magnificent views over the Atlantic Ocean, the Vidamar Resort is designed for a luxurious and chilled experience. With access to the Mar Spa and a 25minute hydrotherapy session, this package will have you feeling fresh and pampered. It’s a prefect base from which to explore the island, and includes a half day tour which can take the form of a boat trip, a jeep safari trip or a tuk tuk city tour! For more information on this package, or others on offer in Madeira, contact our customer services team at

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