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Why short break holidays are good for you

July 25, 2016

Are your contracted holiday hours making you feel like you’ll never have enough time to explore the world? If this sounds familiar, then don’t worry – with more regular short breaks you can see European cities with only your weekends off to spare. Richard Ayoade’s Channel 4 show Travel Man has shown us all exactly how much you can pack into just two days in some of Europe’s most popular cities for tourists so why not follow in his footsteps? Although, be warned that the programme’s schedules often seemed pretty packed, so you’ll either end up wrecked after it and fearing the thought of returning straight into a 5-day work week, or returning home and planning your next visit to catch the sights that you missed on your first visit.

So what benefits will you get from travelling regularly during your short weekend breaks? Well, firstly, you’ll get to see a lot broader a range of places than if you wait for those solid weeks off to explore one destination in more depth. By going for just two nights, you can catch the highlights and get some great Instagram photos to make your friends jealous. While there will be some cities absolutely swarming with activities you want to try and sights you want to see, plenty of locations can be explored in a busy few days and returned to a later date if you feel the urge. As well as this, during a holiday some studies have actually shown that by day 7 of extended holidays, we start to become a bit blasé to the area as we become accustomed to it. If this feeling is all too familiar, then short breaks are likely to be better suited to your travel preferences.

By taking time out more regularly to go somewhere different for short breaks over your weekend, you’ll also see the benefits in how you feel! You don’t have to go on a luxury spa break for this to be the case either, as you’ll find that just turning off your work phone and forgetting about the stress of your rent payments for a weekend can be bliss too. Mentally, it may also help get you through the work week if you have a countdown calendar on the go until your next break. If you’re taking a number of short break holidays throughout the year, then even when you return the number won’t be that high until your next getaway!

While you might think that this could work out more expensive than saving it all for a big summer blow-out holiday of two weeks, that might not be the case at all. Package holidays help keep the price down of far off destinations, but by keeping your short holidays within the UK or even Europe, flights can still be found cheap. Similarly, smart travel can mean that hotels are cheaper during off-peak seasons – even though some of these places are equally as magical to explore during the winter season when they’re covered with snow!

By travelling more often, you might also build up those secret frequent flyer miles that are often mentioned on movies without many of us having ever seen the existence of them in real world! Think of it like a loyalty card, once you’ve travelled so much with an airline, they might give you a trip for free or at reduced rates to loyal customers meaning you’ll want to travel even more regularly. On a similar vein, you can make sure you save money with short break holidays by taking out annual travel insurance. Usually this is something we think “I wish I needed that” to when we see it as an option, but if you’re planning to travel on many short breaks then this could work out cheaper for you in the long-term. However, as we’ve warned before, if one of your holidays is going to be a ski break or something more adventurous, then be sure to check exactly what you’re covered for so there aren’t any nasty surprises if the worst case scenario comes to fruition.


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