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Short winter activity breaks

November 2, 2016

How long has it been since your big summer break? If the answer is too long, then why not use up your remaining work productively before the end of the year! While you might not have enough days owed to take a winter break for a week, short activity breaks can be equally as fun and beneficial to power you through the rest of the year!

By planning a short break, you might find that the price is also tempting. While you’ll save money of course with less nights needed in a hotel, and less days of ski hire and ski pass needed, you’ll also save money elsewhere. We recommend looking at smaller resorts such as _. Bigger resorts provide a greater variety of slopes but if you’re only going to be skiing for 3 days then it’s unlikely that you’ll get sick of a smaller number in this space of time! By going to smaller, less populated resorts you’ll find cheaper deals, as well as better value for money within the resorts restaurants and bars.

The price can also be helped with shorter breaks because you can avoid travelling and staying anywhere over weekends. While this could save you having to use some holidays, travelling on Fridays or Saturdays is often more expensive because everybody is thinking the same thing! By arriving on a Sunday or Monday, you’ll find quieter airports, resorts and cheaper prices for flights due to supply and demand. Similarly, by flying regularly on more short activity breaks, you may find your frequent flyer miles totting up meaning that when it comes to those more expensive summer activity holidays, you could find yourself not having to worry about paying for flights at all!

The run up to Christmas is now well underway so it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with everything that needs to be bought before then, while end of year deadlines may also be piling up in work. The best way to make sure you’re feeling ready to power through the rest of the calendar year is to take a short break to recharge your batteries. By travelling, turning off that dreaded work phone and taking some time to chill out on ski slopes in panoramic scenery, you’ll find that your return will seem easier and you’ll be left feeling refreshed!

So where do we offer that has short flight times and great deals on short ski breaks? In Italy, with flight times of less than 2hrs between London and Milan Bergamo Airport, you can quickly reach the ski resort of Spiazzi di Gromo with less than 1hr transfer time on the other side. Here, you’ll find a quiet resort which is great for beginners, with limited nightlife for those who just want to enjoy the slopes during the day! Similarly, the resort of Presolana allows for more experienced skiers to visit the nearby slopes of Monte Pora for a bit more variety during their short activity break.

For those looking a cosier option, Reka Hisa Chalet in Slovenia allows your family to spend quality time together in smaller accommodation with common rooms and no worries of busy city life! Flights from Wizz Air can reach Ljubljana Airport from London in just over 2hours, and we include return airport transfers which will have you at the accommodation in just 30minutes so you aren’t having to waste any time!




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