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Singles Holidays in Europe

December 12, 2016

People travel on their own for several different reasons, most people generally assume someone travelling alone is single, but often this is not the case. There are plenty of people I know that simply enjoy travelling on their own.

Going solo travelling means you are free from the constraints of keeping your travelling companion happy, you are the master of your own destiny and free to do what you want! You don’t have to worry about arranging an itinerary that appeals to everyone in the party. For example, I love horse riding but my partner hates anything to do with horses, so once a year I look forward booking a horse riding holiday for myself when I can eat, sleep and breath all things equestrian for a few days without the worry of making sure my partner is not bored back at the hotel. If you have a hobby that only you enjoy it’s great to get away on concentrate on your own interests.

There are also people that must travel alone for other reasons, they are the brave people that take that step out of their own comfort zone and grab life by the horns! When most people hear the terms singles holidays they often get the impression its some massive match making holiday for those without a significant other in their lives; this is not the case! Yes, it’s true there are some singles holidays like that- but that’s not what we provide.  We do however provide holidays for solo travellers where you all arrive at the same hotel, stay for the same duration, and enjoy a fun itinerary of activities to do together while you are there.

When everyone arrives together on set dates it means you can be assured there will be other solo travellers staying at the hotel the same time as you – so there’s no risk you will end up sitting at the poolside surrounded by loved up couples and families. We can’t guarantee you will get on with everyone else on the trip – but isn’t that part of the fun? Who knows maybe if you are looking to find a significant other you may even meet them on the holiday by chance?

This Adventure holiday for singles near Barcelona provides a really good mix of activities including a bicycle tour, various relaxed walking excursions and the chance to try some excellent Spanish food. Stay in a gorgeous 4* Hotel right beside the 3km long beach in Calella. This Catalonian seaside town is located just a stone’s throw from Barcelona, Calella is an upbeat and prosperous town and it’s the tourist capital of Costa Maresme, so there is always plenty of things to entertain tourists. In fact, the town has a fiesta every month! If you’re looking for a fun singles holiday in the sun with good food and plenty of activities this is your holiday! The ice breaking drinks on arrival are a great way to meet your fellow travellers!

Just contact us to request a single price for any holiday on the website and we will be happy to assist!

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