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Snowboarding Holidays

January 11, 2016

Snowboarding can be difficult to master but once you do it really is fun and all modern ski resorts offer a variety of options for snowboarders so this year why not forget the skis and take to a board!

In 1964, it was a young surf lover called Sherman Poppen who looked at the snowy landscape of the Rocky Mountains and dreamt of surfing the white peaks, so he built a surfboard for the snow. His first prototype was made of plastic and about 1.20 metre long, it was essentially two skis fastened together.

Since the days of Sherman Popper snowboard designs and snowboarding itself has come a long way, a free ride or All Mountain board allows you to experience all the thrills of snowboarding from using it over obstacles in a snow park, carving and catching air! The tail of the free ride board is usually narrower, shorter and flatter than the tip of the board and this style of board is really designed to be ridden in one direction.

The best style of board for beginners is the freestyle board as its design makes it much more forgiving to ride and it’s shorter and lighter in comparison to a free ride board so it’s very responsive to the rider using it.

Alpine/Carving boards are for those with a bit more experience who feel the need for speed! They are a bit like one giant ski and great for speed and stability, allowing for quick turns, these boards are also designed to travel in one direction and are best for carving some fresh snow at speed, so they are not for those that want to do tricks!

All our snowboarding holidays will provide you with the board, bindings and boots, our ski hire shop owners will make sure you get kitted out with the right board for your ability and requirements. One of our most popular destinations for snowboarding holidays is Madonna di Campiglio in the Italian Dolomites. Our Madonna di Campiglio self-catering ski and snowboard holiday is perfect for snowboarders because the resort is home to the Ursus snowpark, where you can really get to grips with your board, the snow park features a good beginner’s area but there are also rails, small jumps and some massive kickers. Aside from the snow park Madonna di Campiglio offers good runs for free riders where you can enjoy some good powder spots at Spinale.

Another great thing about snowboarding holidays in Madonna di Campiglio is the party atmosphere, the Italians know how to party and there are plenty of places to enjoy the Apres ski and meet new people! 

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