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Relax with a spa break – even with your kids!

April 26, 2016

Are you wanting to go on a spa break in Europe, but worried about taking your kids with you? We’ve put together some top tips on how to make sure you can relax and make the most of your relaxing holiday while your kids also get to enjoy themselves!

The most important advice is to consider a few different factors to ensure the most relaxing break awaits you at the other side! Firstly, perhaps have a few ideas of which countries you would like to see and then check whether you can fly there from your local airport, and how long the flight time is! We’ve talked before about flying and travelling with kids and the importance of making sure they have enough to eat and keep them entertained. It’s wise then for the ultimate spa break experience to choose somewhere with a short flight within Europe. For example, Sardinia’s Alghero Airport is a 2hr30mins journey from London, while Rome Fiumicino is a 2hrs20min journey.

Choosing direct flights is probably the only option when travelling with kids, as waiting in airports, or worse rushing for your connecting flight isn’t a fun experience for anyone! As well as this though, you’ll want to consider the transfer time when you land in your destination and whether this is by private transfer or public transport. We recommend renting a car, as this allows kids to play their own games and only be around their family. As well as this, you can stop off for food or toilet breaks at your convenience rather than having to wait until the pre-determined stop!

When choosing the destination for your European spa break, it’s also important to think of the time of year you’re travelling, and the expected weather! While you might love travelling to hot locations where you can spend the rest of your days relaxing on the beach or exploring the city, this becomes slightly more difficult when travelling with kids. Of course, they love sunny weather as much as us, but they also can get agitated more in high temperatures, and also experience dehydration more easily. Check up on what kind of weather to expect but also remember when you arrive to be smart about sun cream, hats and sunglasses!

Our final point about choosing where to go is one that is easily overlooked when getting excited by the location, activities and of course, spa treatments to look forward to – the food! One of the best parts of travel is trying out the local delicacies, especially if it’s something you can never truly experience at home. However, kids don’t often feel the same and would prefer to stick with what they already know. If this is the case, be sure that your accommodation will serve the type of food that your children will enjoy. For example, at the Horse Country Resort & Spa, there’s a Tex-Mex themed restaurant where kids and adults alike can enjoy barbecued foods like burgers and chips! Alternatively, if any of your family are really fussy, and you don’t mind cooking then self-catering can be a great option to ensure you all get fed and enjoy it!

So you’ve picked where you want to go – but what will the kids do while you’re relaxing in the nearby spa? Kids clubs will become your new favourite thing as they ensure the kids are kept entertained while you get to enjoy your spa break! Usually, resorts with kids clubs will advertise this well, but don’t be afraid to ask if it isn’t clear. Kids clubs allow your children to meet new friends in a safe environment with structured activities from art, music, sport and more! If you’re booking a winter spa break then you might also want to check out ski schools for kids. Whether you’re hitting the slopes yourself or not, you can rest assured that your children will be taught in a safe environment – meaning if you do ever go skiing together at least they’ll have got a hang of the basics!

So now you’ve got some ideas on how to plan the perfect spa break in Europe with the family in tow – why not check out what we have on offer here!

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