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Staying in the UK and Ireland for a couples weekend break

April 28, 2016

Are you and your partner always thinking about when you can next get away on a holiday? Weekend breaks within the UK and Ireland are great options for couples who have the travel bug but can’t get afford, or get the time off work for longer trips. If you work Monday – Friday office jobs, then the 2 nights over the weekend doesn’t give you too much time to head off into Europe and explore. But you don’t have to go far to have an awesome little break as a couple! There’s plenty to see and do within the UK and Ireland.

When you have only two full days off each weekend, it’s fair to say that the thought of spending hours in an airport and a few flying can be the furthest thing from your mind. However, flights within the UK & Ireland generally take no longer than an hour and a half, and with only carry-on luggage and online check-in, you don’t have to arrive at the airport the standard 2-3hours before your flight – just don’t cut it too fine to get through security on a Friday evening! Alternatively, there might be some of the weekend breaks that you could reach by driving or train. Road trips will either be an absolute nightmare to you, or an awesome experience! Personally, we love the odd road trip and for couples it gives you a great chance to bond, annoy each other when one of you turns the wrong direction, and even have a car singing session!

Are you the type of couple who aren’t really good at planning holidays in the long future but prefer spontaneous trips? If so, then weekend breaks within the UK are right up your street! With so many flights daily between the major cities for commuters, and the possibility of road tripping, it’s easy to organise a weekend break as a couple within a few weeks. No time off work needs to be booked, and you don’t need to worry about learning a few local phrases, or exchanging your currency (unless you go from the UK – Ireland or vice versa!) so really all you need to do is book your accommodation, organise your transport and plan some activities!

We’re always tempted by those tranquil beach pictures from far away coasts, but don’t be lured into thinking that there isn’t plenty of sights within our country that have the rest of the world experiencing that same envy! From city breaks to activity breaks, the UK & Ireland shouldn’t be overlooked for any reason you have to travel. The bustling city of London has so much to do that, unless you live in the city, it’s impossible to say that there’s nothing left for you to experience! Similarly, Dublin is great for shopping, entertainment and bars (and no trip is complete without a visit to the Guinness Storehouse!) Alternatively, little retreats are also possible, for example, Fermanagh’s Lakelands or the River Shannon can be great quiet weekend breaks for couples to bond and see nature at its finest.

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