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Taking your girlfriend on a sports weekend package

June 1, 2016

For some couples, the decision to head off and cheer on their country in the Six Nations rugby tournament is a no-brainer. If both of you are into the same sports, and support the same teams then you’re onto a winner and should probably lock that down as soon as possible. If however, your partner isn’t a sports fan then you might have to work a little harder to get them to accompany you on that sports weekend. Don’t worry though, have got your back and come up with some pointers on other things you can do that might be more appealing around the match that weekend!


Ok so convincing your partner to go to Rome might not be the most difficult task in your relationship. With a huge amount of culture and history, there’s plenty to do in the city. While busy traffic might mean you don’t get to relive those iconic film moments by whipping around the streets on a Vespa together, a host of monuments await to be discovered – allowing the perfect opportunity for that standard couple Instagram selfie! The Colosseum and Pantheon are of course must-sees for any tourist. While in summer the heat can be uncomfortable for exploring Rome during your weekend break, the Six Nations rugby packages will have you visiting in the cooler (but not to UK-levels!) climates around February and March.  A double-win is that tourist sights like the Fontana di Trevi will be less busy at this time of year so you can enjoy them in their glory.

As well as this, of course the Italian food is also a popular treat for couples. While we don’t recommend eating spaghetti together like Lady and the Tramp, it’s entirely up to you! One recommendation though is visiting the Spanish Steps at night and enjoying an ice cream while you admire the landscape of the ancient city.

With prices on all our Italian ticket packages from €159per person, this doesn’t have to be the most expensive weekend and can definitely be made into a romantic getaway for you and your partner.


Paris offers your stereotypical romantic weekend break. From the iconic Eiffel Tower to leaving your padlock at the love lock bridges scattered around the city. An alternative recommendation from us sees you take your loved one to the Temple of Love island (yes…it is really called that like something out of Take Me Out!). This is in the middle of Bois de Vincennes public parks’ lake and has a 19th century temple as well as beautiful caves to explore. You can reach it either by bridge, or earn extra brownie points by taking a row boat across the lake!

Personally, there’s no nicer meal than an awesome pizza. For a unique romantic dinner, why not chill on the banks of the Canal Saint-Martin where you’ll be holding a pink balloon, having ordered from the Pink Flamingo restaurant. Don’t worry about picking up your order, as part of their team will spot you with the pink balloon and deliver the pizza to you by bike! Reckon the beautiful sights and special delivery of pizza will be enough to swoon your girlfriend? If so, we’re sure she won’t mind also taking in the French home games for the 2017 Six Nations tournament as a small part of this weekend package!

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