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Top concert moments

July 28, 2016

Usually when you go to a concert you know roughly what to expect. There will likely be a warm-up act who you may or may not have heard of, a gap that feels like forever until your favourite band light up the stage, and then an awesome setlist of some of their greatest hits. However, among the crowd interaction, stage set-ups and costumes, there can sometimes be unexpected moments totally unique to that concert. Here are some of our favourites!

Jay Z & Kanye West – In 2012, Jay Z and Kanye West set out to claim the world record for the most times a track had been performed in a row. In Paris, they performed their collaboration “In Paris” 12 times in a row – to take up over 40minutes of the show! Thankfully it was at the end of the concert, so if you’d heard quite enough then you probably could have snuck out…

Weezer – At gigs, you’ll sometimes see fans throw items on stage to give gifts to their favourite band (or just to say that it was their glowstick that Justin Bieber tripped over…who knows!) but at Weezer’s 2014 performance in Florida, one fan threw a Frisbee towards the stage. Out of all the members you’d expect to catch a flying Frisbee, drummer Patrick Wilson probably should be too distracted but he drummed one-handed for a few split seconds, and then put the Frisbee in his mouth for the remainder of Beverley Hill – impressive!

Adele – Adele is an absolute gem for unique concert break moments! In May this year, she managed to forget her words while performing her song A Million Years Ago for fans in Portugal. However, never one to shy away from embarrassment, Adele swore and then totally acknowledged her mistake with a laugh!

Foo Fighters – Dave Grohl is a legend of rock known to always put on an awesome show and he didn’t disappoint fans in Gothenburg, Sweden in June 2015. Dave misjudged the distance between a ramp and jumped off into the security pit, breaking his leg in the process. However, the show must go on and after an hour of playing without Dave Grohl, he returned in a stretcher to complete his set with the rest of his band!

U2 – Music and selling out can mean one of two things – either a sold out show, or the band selling out their values. Some could say that U2 did the latter when they went out on a PopMart tour in association with Kmart back in 1997. One part of this show involved the band coming to the stage in a giant lemon. As expected though, this didn’t always go smoothly and in Japan the band got stuck in the lemon.

Rihanna – In probably the most 2016 moment of 2016, Rihanna warned fans at her concert in Lille that they better not be catching Pokemon while she’s on stage! This came just a day after a video went viral on Monday of a girl who had front row tickets to Beyoncé getting distracted trying to catch the virtual creatures.

Ed Sheeran – Ed Sheeran has probably been the first dance song for many couples at their wedding, but Ed played a different role in the relationship of Kodaline’s bassist Jason Boland and his long-time girlfriend. At his huge gig at Dublin’s Croke Park in July 2015, Ed took a break from his setlist to bring the couple on-stage and let Jason pop the big question! She of course said yes, and those who had bought concert tickets that night got to be part of the special moment for the couple!

Andrea Bocelli & Luciano Pavarotti – For those who had purchased tickets to the Pavarotti & Friends charity concert in Modena in 2002 or 2003, they would have experienced the treat of hearing classical legends Andrea Bocelli and Luciano Pavarotti perform a duet together. For fans of this type of music, there is no doubt that they heard something truly special these nights that won’t be forgotten easily. Now, Andrea Bocelli still likes to surprise his fans with his annual homecoming concert at Teatro del Silenzio where he invites different special guests to join him on-stage each year!

Johnny Cash – While not quite a concert moment (as you couldn’t get concert tickets for it!), Johnny Cash’s performance at Folsom Prison could definitely be described as unique in the world of music. Having penned the single “Folsom Prison Blues”, Cash became interested in performing at the prison itself to inmates. In 1968, this dream became a reality and he even recorded his album “At Folsom Prison” during these two performances.

Rod Stewart – If you were in Rio de Janeiro for New Year’s Eve 1994/95, you probably had concert tickets to see Rod Stewart! I say this not because there’s no other reason to be in Rio (there are plenty!), but because the rocker performed to one of the biggest concert crowds ever – a huge 3.5million people packed out the Copacabana beach for the event!

Jimi Hendrix – In 1967, fans of the music legend will recall that Jimi started a new trend whenever he performed his latest song “Fire”. As you can guess, those who had bought concert tickets got to not only hear the song performed live among others, but afterwards Hendrix then proceeded to burn his guitar. However, this first attempt didn’t go entirely smoothly as Jimi managed to burn his hands due to the flames reaching 4feet from the amount of petrol it was covered with!

Beyoncé – Beyoncé made sure her concert was a special one for a fan in Perth. During her Australian tour in 2013, the queen of pop singled out a teenage girl who is blind and had her sing a duet of hit song “Irreplaceable” with her.

The Flaming Lips – All fans of The Flaming Lips are probably well aware of the awesome concerts they put on. With spectacular costumes, lights and huge amounts of confetti, nothing really seems out of place at these events. However, unique to the band, their lead singer Wayne Coyne does crowdsurfing a little bit differently. Instead of free jumping out into the crowd, he enters a huge bubble to roll across the audience!

Madonna – Known for putting on a fantastic show, despite perhaps some diva antics, Madonna is never far from the spotlight. However, in 2015, if you had concert tickets to see the 2015 Brit Awards ceremony then you were in for something special. Though the superstar will probably want to forget about the whole thing, it’s long-lingered in the minds of the entire UK population for the past year. Performing her song Living For Love, the pop icon, had a major wardrobe malfunction! When she tried to remove the cape she was wearing it unfortunately got stuck and she ended up getting whipped backwards down a few steps in front of millions of viewers!

Sasquatch! Festival – An annual outdoor concert in the USA, Sasquatch Festival attracts some of the biggest names in the music industry – from Coldplay, to Macklemore and the Foo Fighters, there is something for all tastes. However, despite all these huge names, one guy really put the festival on the world stage in 2009. Much like a flash mob, the guy is giving it stacks to one of the hits from the festival, but the rest of the crowd takes his lead and soon a huge number are dancing along to the track in a video that has now went viral!

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