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Travel tips for city breaks!

March 24, 2016

City Breaks Europe – what to do before you go!

When you’re going on a city break there a few things you might not think about, but we’ve compiled a comprehensive checklist to help you out!

Check out the local currency we know it sounds odd, but not every country in Europe uses the Euro. Croatia use the Kuna (although most places accept Euro), Denmark use the Danish Krone, Iceland uses the Icelandic Krona, Norway use the Norwegian Krone, and Poland trade in the Polish Zloty! There are many others, but for our city breaks that’s all you have to worry about – all our other packages use Euro or Pound!

Learn some local phrases – “Why” you might ask, “it’s only a city break in Europe? I’m only going for a couple of days!” But I find that if you attempt to speak the language it endears people to you, it shows that you have made an effort to learn some of their culture on your trip! Even just a “Good morning, how are you?” or a “thank you very much” will suffice! Besides that, it’s always handy to know some of the local language in-case you get lost. Personally one of my most used phrases during my time in France was “Excusez-moi, pouvez-vous m'aider? Je suis perdu…” (Excuse me, can you help me? I am lost.)

How to get about – We normally include a city tour in our city break packages, so the guide can show you where to go and that can be your method of moving around the city for a day or two! But what happens when that pass runs out? Check out the popular method of transport in the city before you go so you have an idea of how to move about and don’t have to rely on taxis. Many of the cities in Europe offer great Metro options and you can buy cheap day passes online before travelling! If you’re going to London we would even recommend printing a map of the Underground for reference, sometimes maps aren’t available in the stations and it can be handier to plan your route before venturing out onto the busy platforms!

How to get from the airport – Our “Getting There” tab of the website is great for this aspect of your trip. If you package doesn’t include return airport transfers, like many of them do, our team can try and organise some for you. Alternatively, most airports have great transport links to the surrounding cities! Check out our tab to get some ideas on local buses/trains/taxis from the airport. It even tells you which airport is best to fly into for the hotel you are staying at! Now that’s handy!

City tax – Not all our packages include the city taxi that is payable in a lot of European cities. Our packages will usually highlight if the local taxes are included or not, but it’s always best to keep yourself informed so you don’t get caught out when in-country!

Check out a few places to eat or drink - Our guides are great in highlighting places to eat, so make sure you keep an ear out, but it’s always great to do your own research. Tripadvisor and lonelyplanet are fantastic at highlighting hidden away eateries or bars that are off the beaten track. In the likes of Dublin, most people will make a bee-line for the renowned Temple Bar, but there are many others tucked away down side streets waiting to be discovered!

Check the weather forecast – The age old “what to pack” question. Our city breaks in Europe cover all types of weather and are available at all times of year, so make sure you google the weather forecast and dress appropriately. If you’re going to chase the Northern Lights in Reykjavik make sure you wrap up warm!

Travelling with - Make sure you have your vouchers/confirmation emails printed to bring along with you for reference. Some packages require a voucher to enable you to redeem tickets upon check-in at the hotel. So make sure you’re informed!

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