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Where’s the romance in Spa Breaks

July 19, 2016

What’s more romantic than a spa-break for a couple?! I mean, you’re together, you’re relaxed, you’re not thinking about what to make for dinner and you’re actually enjoying each-others company rather than fighting over whose turn it is to take the bin out…

Our bodies are wonderful machines that just keep going, plodding on through the abuse we throw at them. All that coffee and lack of sleep! But eventually we become run down, our skin breaks out, we get bags under our eyes and we lose our ‘glow’. It’s perfect to take some time out with your other half to recover together and treat yourselves. Sometimes we need to take a step back and get our heads showered before we can power on being fabulous together!

Trust us when we say your relationship will feel all the healthier when you’re feeling all the healthier. You’ll have the time to rediscover each other and get that giddy feeling when you relive what it was like to date each other back at the very beginning. Dual treatment rooms and couple suites are available to make your spa experience even more special, and the dim, intimidate lighting will do wonders for your mood!

During your spa break you’ll also have the experience of having a romantic meal together, removing the strife’s that come with organising who is going to cook and who’s turn it is to do the dishes.  You simply throw on some clothes and head to the hotel restaurant where someone takes care of it all! No spa break is complete without a good feed to complete the happy state of mind!

We have a number of spa breaks in Europe which cater to different interests and budgets and that are perfect for a couple’s getaway. For those who’d rather take things at their own pace, there’s ActivityBreaks’ spa package in Tuscany where you’ll stay in the beautiful countryside of this area and have free access to the thermal pools, Jacuzzis and waterfalls that the hotel offers. You’ll also be able to enjoy a 50-minute massage from one of their expert staff to leave you feeling totally relaxed. This break starts from €255pp and is available throughout 2016.

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