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Why to combine a ski and spa break

September 1, 2016

Do you love your ski breaks each winter but yearn for something to do in the evening that doesn’t involve the typical après-ski activities of drinking in local bars until the early hours of the morning? If you’re a bit more chilled than some of the ski crowd, then maybe you’d prefer to head somewhere where you can relax your mind and body after an active day on the slopes. If this sounds like you, then why not check out ski and spa breaks? Many ski hotels will now offer entrance to their own wellness area, or a small discount on local spa entrances, but others will even throw in some treatments so you can truly let someone else take care of your relaxation. So why consider a ski and spa break this winter?

If, like many Brits, you only get to head off on a ski break once or twice a year, then it’s likely your muscles and body might find the activity a bit of a shock to get used to during a few hard days on the slopes. While our old blog on getting fit before your ski holiday can be helpful in reducing the surprise to your body, you’ll still find it a little different than your usual 9-5 spent at an office desk. Massages are great because they will help remove any tension that has built up, leaving your muscles more supple and ready to adapt to exercise the next day. As well as this, they will help to improve circulation which is important in helping cell growth and organ function meaning your heart and lungs will be better equipped for the cardio workout of skiing!

As well as the physical benefits of enjoying a spa break, there are also some emotional and mental positives to this side of the holiday. With a busy working life, you might find that you’re more stressed than ever and your weekends are spent busily tidying the house and helping to keep the kids entertained. If this is you, then you should definitely consider a ski break where you get access to a spa. While you might find some therapy on the slopes, you’ll still be keeping your mind active and thinking of your next move, whereas in the environment of a spa you can let yourself truly unwind and all your stresses be forgotten for at least a short time!

On a family ski break, you might spend the days with your kids helping them learn to ski – or perhaps your children are as good skiers as you! While this can be great quality family bonding time, both parties might find they need some space in the evening. If this is the case, then you can give your children the opportunity to meet new friends and have some fun with others their own age where resorts have a kid’s club or evening entertainment, such as in Passo del Tonale. In this resort too, parents will get access to the Vita Alpina spa to unwind, meaning both you and your children have some time to yourselves each night to try different things.

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