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Why Italy is perfect for September holidays

September 5, 2016

Finding the perfect time for your next holiday can be a nightmare! Co-ordinating your family and friends’ schedules with your own, working out when big events are on in various cities, and then balancing up good weather with when is cheapest to fly – it’s a long process, but all worth it when you get to enjoy a break away to try new experiences! If you didn’t get away this summer, but would love to get away this month before the tail of summer well and truly makes its way for winter breaks and ski season, then why not consider Italy for a short holiday?

The main thing us Brits worry about when heading away on a holiday anywhere is what the weather’s going to be like. While our summer is always unpredictable and we’re only ever surprised with a total of around 10 days of sunshine, the rest of Europe doesn’t have the same problem. However, you don’t want to spend your money and go abroad somewhere only for it to rain and be slightly chilly the whole time. So what could you expect from Italy at this time of year? Southern Italy will be warmer than the North, and while neither should reach the uncomfortable temperatures they can in the peak of summer, you’ll still get days of around 17-27°C with evenings being cooler. These more bearable conditions make it easier to make the most of active holidays where you’re spending most of your time outside hiking, cycling or even out on the water. While you’ll still be hot, the chances of dehydration and sunstroke are somewhat lessened (and of course, the very British problem of getting sunburnt on the first day!).

With school holidays being July-August, the month of September is great for off-peak holidays. This means that during your break you’ll be able to explore the local cities with less crowds, and the locals will even be back to work giving you plenty of space at the beaches! However, the whole of the country doesn’t just shut down, and there are always events taking place in various areas. Most of those to take note of are quickly approaching though with this weekend seeing the Regatta Storica taking place in Venice. This is a really popular boat race, most known for its preceding water pageant. The football season will also have started, so you could always try to get Serie A tickets if you’re staying a city. Alternatively, the Italian Formula One is also this weekend, while the Moto GP takes place in nearby San Marino will zoom into town on 10th September.

Another benefit of the off-peak holidays is the cheaper flights. Airlines will base their fares on supply and demand, so while they’ll perhaps have reduced numbers of daily flights after the peak summer season, you’ll find them wanting to fill their travelling planes for those late holiday-goers. The perk for you? Cheaper flights! We’ve written loads of blogs on finding the cheapest flights so be sure to check that out to make sure you’re getting the best deal for your next break to Italy!

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