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Why Spain is so popular for European breaks

July 5, 2016

With hit shows like Benidorm keeping us entertained, it’s reasonably accurate in one sense in that often at some resorts in Spain you’ll encounter the same people year after year. Stats actually suggest that in 2015, around 20% off all outbound tourism from the UK was to Spain! You might wonder what keeps people returning to Spain when they’re holidaying in Europe, and if so then we’ve come up with a whole host of reasons of why the country is perfect for your next short break.

One of the primary reasons is of course, the cost of the holiday once you’ve arrived. If you’ve been keeping an eye on our blogs, you’ll have noticed our Prague and Dubrovnik budget blogs. While Spain isn’t quite as cheap as Prague, it’s still better than going out for a meal and a few drinks in the UK! The average price of a pint of domestic beer is around €2, while you can get a decent meal for just €10per person. With travel within the cities, often being savvy about transport cards can save you a bundle and returning tourists will buy these time and time again. For example, in Barcelona the T10 card gives you 10 journeys on the metro for a total price of €9.95 which is perfect for any short break where you want to explore all that the city has to offer!

Another reason why British and Irish tourists flock to Spain for their European breaks is because of the flight times and prices. With just 2hrs journey from London – Barcelona, and 2.5hrs from London – Madrid, you don’t have to worry about keeping the kids entertained for too long, and not much of any short break will be used up with travel! As well as this, there’s a sort of supply and demand benefit with everyone wanting to head to Spain in that most major airlines will now fly there from a variety of airports within the UK & Ireland. This should also mean that a bit of flexibility and notice will allow you to benefit from cheaper flights to reach Spain.

Spain’s weather is of course another draw for European holidays as you can usually guarantee a good summer with the Mediterranean climate. Dry, warm summers are something we crave and unfortunately at the minute, the UK summer has deprived us of our few days of sun! So you can pack your shorts, t-shirts and sun cream without any real concerns over not seeing the sun (unless you’re very unlucky with around 2 days of rainfall in each month of summer!).

The culture of Spanish holidays is also something that we enjoy. Many of the tourist areas will speak fluent English making it easier than ever to ensure a flawless holiday if your GCSE level Spanish isn’t quite what it used to be! As well as this, the locals have embraced the British and Irish tourists with the set-up of Irish & British bars often showing sports from back home with owners having emigrated themselves long ago. Spanish short breaks can therefore be used as a home away from home with better weather and new sights to explore! The laid back attitude of the Spanish also leads to warm and hospitable welcomes which of course will encourage anyone to return.

If you’re considering a short break to Spain, we have a range of city breaks available giving you a variety of reasons to travel from food to tours. However, if you want to relax and maybe embrace the siesta culture, then we also have spa breaks available in some beautiful locations within the country.

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