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Fun facts about Krakow

September 9, 2016

Krakow, as Poland’s old capital city, has a rich history and culture making it the perfect escape for a city break! With a Krakow city break you can discover music, architecture and art, and relive some of the city’s history. Situated just a 20-minute rail journey from Krakow Airport, Krakow Old Town is jammed full of historical attractions, with 100s of bars, restaurants and shops tucked away down the old narrow streets. So what is it that makes Krakow so special?

  • In 1000 Krakow got its own bishop, and in 1038 the city became Poland’s capital. Krakow’s Golden Age came by the end of the 15th century.
  • Poland's currency is zloty (PLN). It is divided into one hundred smaller units called grosz.
  • According to Polish legend, the city is protected by a mighty dragon.
  • Krakow’s historical city centre is a UNESCO world heritage site.
  • Many Polish Kings and Presidents have been buried in Krakow Wawel Castle.
  • In 2013 Lonely planet voted Krakow square the best market square in the world.
  • It’s forbidden to feed pigeons in Krakow. They are great pests that torment the life of locals.
  • Has 200,000 out of the 700,000 inhabitants are students.
  • The University of Krakow is the second oldest university in central Europe, founded in 1364 by King Casimir II the Great.
  • Look out for the City’s trumpeter in the Market Square… He sounds his trumpet four times on the hour, every hour, from the highest tower of St Mary’s Cathedral. One legend says this is in memory of trumpet call marking the opening and closing of the city gates back in the 16th century.
  • There’s a knife that hangs from a rope on the wall of the cloth hall, and legend has it that a man killed his brother with a knife when he realised the tower he had built was taller than his own. The knife hangs there as a reminder of humbleness.
  • The market square in Krakow often plays host to traditional festivals, with music and dancing!

With so much to see and do in one of Poland’s oldest and friendliest cities, a Krakow city break is a definite must on the travel check-list. Photography within many of its key attractions is limited, so it really is a city you need to see to believe. We have packages that will enable you to experience all Krakow has to offer without any of the hassle, why not check out our Romantic Krakow City Break or Krakow City Break with Private Tour deals. There are other Krakow City break options available here, or if Krakow doesn’t tickle your fancy, why not explore our other European city break options here.

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