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Bocelli: Italy’s best Global Ambassador

December 9, 2016

In the mad world of celebrity, Bocelii continues to enjoy success as Italy’s beloved tenor

The pressures of fame – is all the money and glamour worth it all for traveling and time spent on the road? Many a famous person has succumbed to the pressures that fame brings with it, just think of the way the internet has changed the world of celebrity. Look at Kayne West, the events leading up to his recent hospital stay have been played out in the public eye, with so called fans posting clips of him and his on-stage rants. There is really no escape from the pressures of modern day fame and like all of us these celebs are only human and can only handle a certain amount of pressure and criticism.

Up until the advent of the internet and social media, the celebrities of yesteryear at a much easier time when it came to suffering the wrath of the media and paparazzi. Fast-forward to 2016 and the minute a celebrity steps out of line it can be captured on a digital camera, emailed to a national newspaper and beamed across the planet via social media.

Andrea Bocelli is one celebrity that seems to be able to handle a family, his charitable concerns and his full schedule of touring with ease. November 2016, saw the release of another album; “Romanza – the 20th Anniversary Edition” When “Romanza” was originally released back in 1997, it was the biggest selling crossover album of all time, having sold over 17 million copies worldwide! This new edition of the album has been remastered and includes new versions of hits that made the original so popular, including A time to “Say Good-Bye”and “Conti Partiro”

Bocelli has just received a ‘Grammy Award’ Nomination for his album “Cinema” which has been nominated in the category of “Best Vocal Pop Album” – this is Bocelli’s 5th Grammy Nomination! There is no doubt that “Cinema” was a fantastic album with Bocelli duetting with some major American recording artists including the one and only Barbra Streisand!

With every new album comes the promotional tour. 2016 has been as busy as ever for Andrea Bocelli and 2017 it set to be as busy as ever with Bocelli basically touring the world from now until August. After his famous homecoming Andrea Bocelli concert in August 2017, Bocelli well-earned break before going ‘back on the road’ again in November 2017! What a schedule!  

Given the recent success of “Cinema” and with the release of the 20th Anniversary Edition of “Romanza” the annual Andrea Bocelli concert at the Teatro del Silenzio should be an outstanding lineup! Just who will join Bocelli on stage in Lajactico on the 3rd August?  We can only wait and see!!
One thing is for sure Bocelli is certainly the most beloved of Italian tenors in the world today and he continues to be a wonderful ambassador for Italy around the world.

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