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Cycling holidays just got easier…

March 13, 2018

Over the last few years the E-bike has become an increasingly popular mode of transport, hot on the heels of its non-motorised counterpart. So what is it and why should you try it?

E-bikes come with an electric motor, meaning that you exert yourself a lot less when cycling long distances and on hilly terrain.

There are two types of e-bike, pedal-assist bikes and power on demand. Pedal-assist are legally classed as bicycles and are controlled by a small computer on the handlebar of your bike, whereas power on demand bikes have a throttle like a moped or motorbike and are more powerful – some are in fact classified as motorised vehicles.


Computer from a pedal assist e-bike

The bike comes with a detachable rechargeable battery that usually sits on the frame of the bike (in the case of mountain bikes) or sometimes on top of the rear mudgard (in the case of city bikes). This makes the e-bike much heavier than a regular bike.

Most pedal assist bikes have 4-5 power settings – from eco (the lowest) to turbo (the highest). Obviously the higher the setting you use the quicker the battery will run out of charge, so be mindful of this when you set out on a long journey! And remember that you still have to pedal!

Also remember to charge the battery when you stop for the day (or if you can during your ride if it is a long one) otherwise you will realise just how heavy these bikes are...

5 reasons why you should try it:


The e-bike is great for overall fitness, as you can go further that you would on an ordinary bike, so you end up burning more calories. You will notice yourself getting stronger and will increasingly use lower power settings as you get used to it.


Admit it, the idea of getting hot and sweaty cycling to work or running errands puts you off - those with an e-bike are more likely to use it over a regular bike in these situations, it’s easier, you sweat less, you can carry heavier loads etc, so…


…the car stays on the driveway and your carbon footprint starts to shrink.

Discover places  

Hills are no longer a hindrance – when you are out and about on an e-bike you can go further and see so much more


Without the huffing and puffing you realise that cycling is actually fun, relax and enjoy the scenery!


So why not give it a try? You can find e-bikes to hire across the UK and Ireland – and most good specialist cycling shops will offer you a demo, letting you try before you buy so you can make an informed decision.

Alternatively, why not try an e-bike holiday in Europe? Our new Short E-Biking holiday in Finland is a great way to see the Finnish countryside and Baltic coast on two wheels – Ideal for those who are just getting into cycling and are interested in an active holiday - you can pedal around 50-60km per day without realising it. 

Fancy something even more challenging? Check out our Alpine discovery break in Bormio, a great way to explore the mountains on and off road.

Top Tip  for those who haven’t yet gotten used to sitting on a bike saddle for hours at a time, try a memory foam saddle cover – they can be found at most sports and cycling shops as well as online and make aaalll the difference, trust us!


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