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Essential travel apps and gadgets

May 15, 2018

Have you planned your summer holiday or are you in the process of doing so?  With so much to organise before going away we have complied a list of the handiest gadgets and apps to take (some of) the stress out of going on holiday.  A good travel app can save you time while away, and thanks to the fact that there are no more roaming charges when you travel within Europe they are more handy (and accessible) than ever. 

As an added bonus we have picked 4 gadgets that we think are actually useful on holiday, though there are plenty of similarly priced alternatives on the market.  If you have any good suggestions then let us know in the comments!

Essential apps

I books, Kindle, Google Play Books

The list of e-reader apps is endless, and you may well already have a kindle for the beach but they are also useful to have on your phone, so you can download your travel guide of choice (Lonely Planet, Rough Guide etc) so that is one extra thing you don’t have to carry around with you. You then have all the info and maps you need in your pocket and available offline!

Alternatively, there are a number of great free guides available as apps, like the In Your Pocket Guides, that can be downloaded as a pdf (not that easy to read on your phone) or as an app, some great tips on where to go, what to do and where to eat in your pocket for free!

Google Translate

A life-saver when you don’t speak the language. Type what you want to say and play it back to taxi drivers, take photos of signs to translate them, this is a very useful app to overcome the language barrier. The translations may not always be perfect, but they are nonetheless of great help in many situations!

GT for I phone

GT for Android

XE currency

One of the best and most popular currency exchange apps out there, and its free! Works offline so you can calculate exactly what you are paying in an instant – no more mental arithmetic when paying bills.

XE  for I phone

XE for Android


A great (and free!) app for the fair skinned among us, insert your location, skin type, sunscreen and type of clothing and it will remind you when to reapply your sunscreen and tell you when UV levels are high, so you can protect your skin from burning.

SunZapp for I phone

SunZapp for Android

City Mapper

This app is so useful for getting from A to B in a strange city. It is currently available for 40 cities worldwide, but it is adding more, and you can even vote for your preference on their website. Calculate how to get to places via public transport or on foot and it will calculate directions and options in real time.

City Mapper for I phone

City Mapper for Android





Become a packing ninja

Luggage scales

We have all been there when you get to the airport to check your baggage for a low-cost flight and you find out too late that it is too heavy… Avoid paying exorbitant fees and get a portable luggage scale like this one. No more balancing act on the bathroom scales at home!



Packing cubes

If you need to save space and organise your packing then these versatile packing cubes are just the ticket, keep everything in one place and make unpacking easier. They also afford a little extra protection to your clothes while travelling just in case your suitcase gets wet or damaged along the way.



On the go:

Scrubba wash bag

A convenient way to wash clothes on the go, especially when camping or on the move. Just add water and detergent, seal the bag and rub clothes against the internal washboard to freshen them up. Then rinse and dry.



Up your Instagram game:

Smartphone lense

A great way of improving your holiday pics without lugging a bulky camera around. Just clip one of these lenses onto your smartphone and you can take high quality wide angle, fish eye and close up photos. They also come in a sturdy carry case



So there we have it, 9 apps and gadgets that will help your holiday go more smoothly.  Need more help planning your holiday this summer?  Contact us, we can help!

Have you got anything you can't do without on holiday?  Let us know below!  For more holiday tips check out next week's blog on best holiday reads for 2018, as recommended by you!  Find out more on Twitter...

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