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Group Travel Checklist

November 13, 2018

PART 1: Group Travel Checklist

We know how stressful planning a group holiday can be.  Trying to organise a bunch of independent adults with different work schedules and life commitments can be a nightmare.  If there’s children involved then you have the minefield of school holidays to contend with!  So with that in mind we have composed this handy checklist that might help you to maintain your sanity...


1.       Establish the group 

The dreaded group chat is without doubt the easiest way to get this sorted quickly.  Create a What's app or Facebook group, add anyone who you think might want to join and ask for input (if needed) on dates, destination and budget.  If there are a lot of you, there are a number of online surveys that you can use: survey monkey, typeform and doodle all offer free trials or accounts to help you gather preferences. 

We have even created a handy table in word that you can download to keep track of all the info, including passport details you will need to book flights and accommodation (it saves so much time later!).


2.       Choose dates 

This might seem really obvious, but decide a definitive date FAR IN ADVANCE.  In our experience it’s easier to establish a few dates that might be possible, then propose these to the group.  If people have options they are more likely to respond/commit than if you ask the vague question “so when suits people?”.  

Try to travel during low season, if possible during the week, for the best deals, especially where flights are concerned.

If you’re travelling with children, try and travel towards the very start or the end of the school holidays (unless you're in Northern Ireland – in which case you have more choice as some school holidays differ from England!)


3.       Choose a destination

If you are having trouble deciding on a destination, then figure out what you want to do there, before deciding on the location.  Culture, adventure or relaxation - what will be the theme of the holiday?

Sometimes it is best to pick a departure airport and see which destinations they fly to.  Bear in mind transfer times at your end and at the destination, especially if you are only going away for 2-3 days.  You don't want to spend half your time getting there!  Figure out how you will get to your resort/location of choice from the airport.  Can you get away with public transport (easy in cities), or will you need to organise a bus?




4.       Establish a budget

Make it easy on yourself and others and establish a budget and stick to it!  Tell people far enough in advance so that everyone can save the money needed to go.  Figure out what will need paying up front before travel and what will need to be paid when you get there, including spending money. 

If you are in charge of booking and paying, figure out the best way of getting the money from each person - bank transfers are usually easiest - and make sure you set a payment deadline to avoid any awkwardness.


5.       Book as much as you can in advance…

Make sure you book flights and accommodation well in advance if you are a large group - waiting until the last minute will mean your options are limited and expensive.  Also take this into account when organising excursions or activities, groups are harder to cater for last minute.  Even organising going out to restaurants can be tricky when there are a lot of you.


6.       Check everyone has a valid passport

This one is simple. If you’re going abroad, make sure everyone has an in-date passport.  You'd be surprised how many people forget this bit! 

Don't forget travel insurance - it is perhaps best to leave this to each individual member of the group.  If you are travelling in Europe remind people to check on the status of their EHIC (ex. E111) just in case.  Have a look at our handy guide.


7.       Communicate, communicate, communicate!

You will find yourself in daily contact with people who want to know the latest developments.  Make good use of that group chat!  When you have new information, pass it on to the group; this way no one gets left out of the loop. 

Also find out if anyone has any special requirements, dietary or otherwise.  


8.       Keep CALM

Don’t get stressed, let us plan it for you.

If you’re ready to start planning a group holiday drop us a line and let us know what you're looking for.  We can organise everything from accommodation to airport transfers and activities, so all you need to do is organise flights.

Be it a ski holiday, a spa weekend or an adrenaline-fuelled adventure holiday, we've got you covered. 

If you’re planning a stag/hen party then have a look at our Stag/Hen break ideas to help you get started! 


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