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Group Travel Checklist

April 11, 2016

PART 1: Group Travel Checklist

We know how stressful planning a group holiday do can be. Trying to organise a bunch of independent adults with different work schedules and life commitments can be a nightmare. And if there’s children involved then you have a whole new minefield of school holidays to contend with! So we composed a checklist that might help you to maintain your sanity and prevent you from eventually hating everyone you’re planning to go away with…

 1.       Establish the group – having a rough number will enable you to get quotes!

Make a group chat, that’s honestly the easiest way to sort these things out. You get to access everyone at once with one message instead of hoping people will tell eachother. Once you have an idea of who is up for the holiday then you can approach travel companies with a rough number for your adventures!


2.       Choose dates – national holidays will always be more expensive

This might seem really obvious, but decide a definitive date FAR IN ADVANCE. In our experience it’s easier to establish a few dates that might be possible, then propose these to the group. If people have options they are more likely to respond/commit than if you open-endly ask - “so when suits people?” If you have a few possible travel dates then it limits the stress, you won’t have 10 different people proposing different times! If you’re travelling with children, try and travel towards the very start or the end of the school holidays (unless your Northern Ireland – in which case you have more choice as some school holidays differ from England!)


3.       Choose a destination to suit everyone!

Choosing the destination and holiday type can be the hardest part. You have to decide on that all important relaxation vs activity holiday, and once that’s narrowed done, chose where to go. When picking a destination it’s best to take into consideration cost, accommodation options, activities and accessibility. Thankfully we offer a variety of packages that cover sports, spa, party and multi-activity breaks that are perfect for group travel.


4.       Establish a budget and try to be flexible to drive down costs

Make it easy on yourself and those invited and establish a budget and stick to it! Tell people far enough in advance so that everyone has an equal opportunity to save the money needed to go. Generally if you are travelling with a large group, then you can ask for triple or quad rooms at the hotel, this means that your group can sometimes save money as these room times work out cheaper! If you are travelling with children, make sure to tell your travel agent as sometimes there can be big discounts for children under a certain age! Here at some of our packages include free cots for children 3 or an extra child bed in your room for a reduced price!


5.       Book as much as you can in advance…

Make sure you book activities/transfers/accommodation far in advance. Definitely get your accommodation booked at least 3 months before departure! For the widest choice of accommodation options we would recommend beginning the hunt at least 6 months in advance, especially if you have a large group, as availability will disappear quickly! Thankfully, if you book through we take care of everything from the moment you get in-country! Whether it be your airport transfers, accommodation, board basis, day time or night time activities – we can cover you!


6.       Check every has an in date passport

This one is simple. If you’re going abroad, make sure everyone has an in-date passport. This ties in with giving people lots of notice, this makes sure they also have time to get a new passport if necessary.


7.       Communicate, communicate, communicate!

You will find yourself in daily contact with people who want to know the latest details and prices. Make good use of that group chat! When you get an update or something develops, pass it on to the group. This way no one gets left behind and everyone is clued in. It’s also important that you can get in contact easily with those who are accommodating your party, and thankfully our customer service is on hand to answer any questions you may have!


8.       Keep CALM

Don’t get stressed, let us plan it for you.


If you’re ready to start planning a group holiday then we can help! Maybe you fancy going to Europa Park with a group of mates, or maybe just a big family adventure weekend of jeep safaris, canoeing, clay pigeon shooting or indoor karting? If you’re tackling planning a stag/hen party then have a look at our Stag/Hen checklist to help you get started! Whatever your groups tastes, we have something to suit them!


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