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Unique Watersports Activities

May 24, 2016


So this invention is aaaamazing! It basically simulates the feeling of flying under water. It is two separate propellors, connected by rotatable swivel, and the user can control these to dive up or down and left or right. The board is connected to a boat by a strong rope, which allows the diver to be towed at up to 5mph. Invented by Norwegian sailing fanatic, Simon Sivertsen, it’s definitely something we’d love to give a go!



If you love skiing in the snow, or even surfing, then you will love this. Some genius out there has combined two of the world’s greatest sports, and come up with surfskiing…Chuck Patterson, pro-surfer and skier is my new ski-surf hero. I imagine that having two separate skis on your feet, gives more flexibility and manoeuvrability than the standard surf board would. Only drawback? I don’t think I could do this, this man must have thighs of steel!


Schiller Bikes

Ever heard of Schiller Bikes? No either had I, but this is a real life revelation moment. HOW HAVE I NEVER HEAR OF THESE BEFORE?! Imagine a bike, with a single seat and pedals, attached to an aluminium frame on… actually, here’s a photo. Although, I guess it would be best to keep these on calm water or rivers, I can’t see this tackling the waves too well.



Ok, so HydroBOB is supposed to give nervous swimmers an experience of underwater diving, in the safety of a swimming pool. I have one question; can non nervous swimmers take part too? Cause I want to try this so badly. Underwater scooters are the best type of scooters, and these even have a bubble that encases your head so that you have a constant supply of oxygen and your hair doesn’t get wet. Win win.


Dolphin Jetpacking

So you’ve probably heard of this one? The jet pack that you wear on your back that fires water from jets on your arms and legs and propels you off the water? In case my description has confused you, here’s a picture…


If you youtube videos of dolphin jet-packing you can see people actually diving in-and-out of the water like dolphins, but I reckon this takes A LOT of practice. I would be more like lad above… “Look at me, I’m flying!” Still something to put on the bucket-list!

In case you hadn’t realised, I have got overly excited about almost everything in this blog. I love the 21st century. It’s like all my childhood dreams have come true!! But on your next watersports holiday in Europe, why not step outside your comfort zone and try some unusual watersports activities! 

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