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Booking group holidays with Activity Breaks

April 15, 2016

PART 1: Group Travel Checklist

PART 2: Ideas for group holidays breaks in Europe

PART 3: Booking flights for a Group Holiday

PART 4: Booking Group Holidays with AB

So once you have decided where to go, it’s easy enough to book group travel with us! Our team endeavour to go the extra mile for our customers, and will do everything in their power to make your package exactly how you want it! We have dealt with family groups, groups of friends, corporate groups and sports groups so we have experience in this sort of thing!

Once the decision has been made regarding where and how many people are going, we can move on to helping you with the booking process! We can help you with room set up and allocation, potential discounts for children and if possible, deposits.

Room set-up can sometimes save money for the group as a whole, as generally speaking, triple and quad rooms are cheaper than doubles. If this suits your group and is a possibility for the hotel, then we can get the most suitable set-up for the best price! Similarly, in certain resorts, we can offer apartments that accommodate 8 people or more. Or if its group ski you’re after, some of our chalets are great for groups of 8-13. So make sure you enquiry with the team to ensure you’re getting the best room allocation of your money.

Alongside room allocation, our team will work with our travel partners to avail of any large group discounts if possible. Some of our breaks allow children under 12 to stay free, with extra beds in a double room, or provide a free cot for children under 3. If you’re skiing there is almost always a discount for children under 12, our team will always tell you about any possible discounts offered by our travel partner!

If you’re going for a group skiing holiday, our team might request gender, weight, height and shoe sizes of all the people in your travel party. Don’t worry, this information isn’t compulsory, but if your group is bigger than 20 people then it can be extremely useful. We pass this information on to our travel partners who can then make sure they have all the right gear for your party’s ski hire! It speeds up the ski hire process upon arrival at the resort and gives you more time on the slopes!

We know that booking accommodation and flights for a group isn’t easy, but it’s the bit inbetween that can be hardest… trying to herd everyone on the same public transport. That’s why we can also help you to book private airport transfers, probably a small bus if your group is large enough. Once the cost is split among the group, these transfers become very cost efficient and are always more convenient than public transport!

Once the technicalities have been sorted out, we can try and make the payment process as pain free as possible! In certain circumstances, we can set up a 2 part payment process including a deposit and final payment some months later. This is dependent on group size, permission from the travel partner and total cost. But if it makes things easier for you then our team will endeavour to set this up!

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