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How to have a budget adventure holiday!

April 8, 2016

If your ideal holiday doesn’t involve relaxation, but instead throwing yourself amongst adventure, then don’t be put off by thinking that it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg. With a bit of forward thinking, planning, and a browse of, you’ll be on your way to a budget adventure holiday that’s sure to leave you with awesome memories on your return to routine.

Here at, we don’t include flights as part of our packages. Why? Because we want to provide our customers with the most affordable holidays possible so that everyone can explore our great reasons to travel! Now, with so many airlines competing for your business, and the introduction of flight comparison websites, shopping around can help you to find the best deals for your next adventure. Our active breaks aren’t always set for fixed dates, so if you find that flying out on a different day, or length of time, would save you money, then we’re always on hand to help you explore the flexibility we offer with our holidays.

When you arrive at your destination airport, your first instinct might be to jump into a taxi to avoid the hassle of navigating the local public transport and get to your accommodation as quickly as possible. Some forward planning here by asking us for a quote for private airport transfers (if they aren’t already included in the package!) could save you a lot of money at the other end. You always hear horror stories of tourists taking a taxi, only to find that they’re passing that same building every 10mins and forking out for a huge bill at the end of the trip. Adventure holidays are often outside the main city itself, so these journeys could be long enough to take you to the beautiful location you’re seeking. For this reason, it’s often best to at least check out our prices for airport transfers.

With regards to the accommodation for your budget adventure holiday, our suggestion would be not to be put off by a * rating or even staying in a guest house. If you’re going to be out enjoying the local scenery, then you’re probably not going to be spending that much time in your accommodation anyway! We aren’t saying to go somewhere totally run-down that might leave you with nightmares, but it definitely isn’t the type of holiday to worry about a plush suite. Here at, we work really closely with our travel partners so we know exactly what sort of standard to expect for our customers – and we’ve even stayed in some of the rooms ourselves!

Our final travel tip for budget adventure holidays is to consider the idea of bed & breakfast or half board options. While all-inclusive is always tempting (if the price is right we definitely suggest going for it!), sometimes on an active holiday you won’t be around the hotel during the day to enjoy a lunch, or you might only fancy a small snack. If this sounds like you, then don’t fork out for all-inclusive as you’ll save some all-important cash by not paying for food you won’t be eating.

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