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50 of the best activity breaks for couples

May 6, 2016

With pretty much the whole world accessible to travellers these days, it can be hard to narrow it down to where to spend your next break. If you’re going as a couple then it might be even more difficult if your tastes or different and you need to compromise. Below is our suggestions for some awesome activity holidays that are a little different from your standard trip away with your better half!

1. See Venice from the comfort of a gondola – what better way to see the 118 islands of the city than from a gondola (with or without serenading!)

2. Whether you want to elope or just experience a city like no other – Las Vegas is an awesome activity break for couples to go on together. From spectacular magic shows to seeing dolphins and tigers from the comfort of your hotel, there’s something for everyone.


3. Go on a camel ride in the sand surrounding the modern city of Dubai! Be careful though as camels are known to spit at people…

4. It’s an activity we don’t get to try much over here in the UK with uneven gravel roads and bad weather but roller blading on Venice Beach is something any couple should try to do on a break in Los Angeles!

5. In worse weather though, you might be keen to take your loved one to New York and Central Park to ice skate like you see in so many cheesy movies…

6. An alternative method of transport that requires less effort from you is hot air ballooning over some awesome scenery, allowing some quality time to bond with your significant other.

7. Visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris and get that classic couple selfie in front of it.



8. The Grand Canyon offers spectacular views and tours depart from both Las Vegas and Los Angeles so you can make it part of a longer activity break! However, for couples we recommend hiring a car for the ultimate road trip.

9. Speaking of road trips, why not make the ultimate road trip across the USA by renting a convertible and travelling on Route 66?

10. For a unique activity break, why not visit Reykjavik and see the Northern Lights!

11. Sydney Opera House is an iconic building and it can be made ever more special on New Year’s Eve with an awesome fireworks display that any couple should want to stand and admire!




12. Dive in the ultimate location at the Great Barrier Reef which is even visible from space!

13. Travel the Bernina Express for a romantic experience through the Swiss Alps to spend some quality time relaxing, admiring the scenery and travelling with your loved one.

14. Hike the Great Wall of China together.



15. Another historic wonder that has to be explored is Egypt’s pyramids of Giza – whether you or your other half is a history nerd or just want to stare in awe at the sights, this is definitely one not to be missed.

16. You might’ve seen it in some European-set rom-coms where they ride around Italy on a Vespa – why not experience it yourself holding onto your partner while you tour the cities.

17. Are you and your significant other adrenaline junkies? If so, nothing can beat going to a theme park together and one of the best is definitely Disneyland – whether that’s Paris, Florida or Anaheim. Personally, my favourite was Hollywood Tower of Terror! And of course, no couple’s activity break to Disney is complete without a selfie in front of the castle!




18. Take your hobby around the world – whether you want to see F1 in Monaco, American football in Philadelphia, or see Beyoncé rock the stage in Milan, nothing beats sharing your sporting or music passion with your other half.

19. Cycle across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco – at over 2.5km walking probably isn’t the quickest option so cycling across gets it done in no time!

20. While zoos are great to see exotic animals without leaving your city, the best way to see them is out in the wild. The best place to do this is on a safari, and one of the most amazing locations is Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya where you can take in the Great Migration of Wildebeest!

21. Are you a couple who love a good party? You’ll experience no better than Rio’s carnival each February filled with spectacular sights, Samba dancing and almost 2 million people joining it on the street each day.

22. What’s more romantic than a spa break? The most unique of these might just be in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland set in an ancient lava field!


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23. Rome is one of the most romantic cities in Europe and there’s plenty for couples to explore during a break here. The architecture is stunning but there is also so much history and culture to get amongst.

24. While we’ve already mentioned Paris twice, it really is the city of love. Art lovers especially will appreciate the many museums, and the chance to visit the Louvre and take in the iconic Mona Lisa!

25. Many tourists travel to the beautiful island of Santorini in Greece, to take in the awesome sunshine with their loved one while admiring the sunset over the white buildings.

26. The Taj Mahal boasts an odd love story having been built to house the remains of the emperor’s wife but this doesn’t make it any less spectacular to visit and explore its architecture.

27. Thailand has plenty of beautiful islands to explore but one of our personal favourites is Ko Samui with palm beaches and rainforests complete with luxury spa resorts to spend some time with your partner.



28. To visit Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) in the centre of Australia, you’ll also have the added benefit of an awesome road trip through the isolated deserts that the middle of this country offers. Be sure to go early and see it at sunrise or sunset though for that iconic red glow!

29. Want to have a proper couples retreat? Why not whisk yourselves away to Bora Bora where you can take yourself off the grid a little and stay in bungalows on stilts above the turquoise lagoon.

30. Kangaroos always look cute on TV but rest assured there is a correct way to approach them to ensure you don’t feel their wrath! At Australia Zoo (Steve Irwin’s!), you can get up close and personal to feed them as they laze around in a huge enclosure.



31. If you and your other half can withstand huge amounts of time together, with the possibility of travel stress added on top of that, then inter-railing around Europe is an awesome way to take in a lot of sights of the continent in a shorter space of time and without spending a fortune.

32. As the spiritual centre of the Hindu religion, the River Ganges is always a hub of activity whether you want to try yoga on the banks, or go on a boat tour to learn about the culture.

33. A classic for those of us from Northern Ireland, the Giant’s Causeway is surrounded by myth and legend but it’s basalt columns are great for exploring together as a couple. Just be sure to wrap up warm whatever the season (or be that girl who steals your boyfriend’s hoody and never returns it…)




34. The view from Table Mountain in Cape Town is breath-taking and for those who like their activity breaks to be a little less active, you can even reach the summit by cable car!

35. New Zealand is a great place to visit anyway with its scenery (especially for any Lord of the Rings fans!) but whale watching is a huge catch here too with the Pacific Ocean. With warm waters you can even swim with dolphins without feeling like they’re being forced into it!

36. The floating markets of Vietnam are an inimitable experience with vendors displaying their goods with an example at the top of a long pole so you can work out from a distance where to go! Mostly selling food, this is something for those who are travelling through Asia together, or who just want the experience!

37. Do you and your significant other spend a lot of time in the local pub or club? If so, what better reason to travel together than to visit the brewery or distillery of your favourite beer or spirit. With the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin or Heineken Experience in Copenhagen you can even pull your own pint and see who’s the true champion of pint-pulling.




38. While snow in the UK usually means misery and a whole lot of hassle to get to work… elsewhere it can be the backdrop for a perfect romantic holiday. Husky tours through the snow are a great way to see around Lapland and with the excitement of the dogs, definitely not for the faint-hearted!

39. Going back to breath-taking sights, Angel Falls in Venezuela is the highest waterfall in the world, where the clouds even have to swirl around it. Perfect for couples who enjoy travel, Angel Falls is one that you’ll both always remember.

40. Secure your love with a padlock at the famous Pont des Arts Bridge – writing both partner’s initials and then throwing the key away to ensure it can never be open and broken!


41. Paro Takstang (or the Tiger’s Nest) in Bhutan is a prominent site of Buddhist monks located in the Himalayas. If you both want to go somewhere with a truly relaxing state of mind, then this is the activity break for you. Perched on a clifftop, it requires hours of hiking to reach but is definitely worth it.

42. Native to the islands of Borneo, orangutans are magnificent to see in their natural habitat. As well as seeing the awesome scenery of the jungle, you’ll be able to see the animals up close.

43. The mysterious Machu Picchu is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. This is for sure an active break as trekking the ruins can take several days to fully explore.

44. The lost city of Petra in Jordan has been used as the filming location for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade but it is spectacular to see the sandstone ruins.

45. While some relationships might be explosive, why not rest those arguments to admire nature at its most fiery at Stromboli off Sicily in Italy. This is one of the most active volcanoes still remaining in the world, and tourists can watch it erupt (from a safe distance!).

46. See the sun set over the horizon with nothing to block your view at Cala D’Hort in Ibiza.




47. Some couples want children, others just want a family of dogs. If you’re part of the latter then visiting Madagascar and taking in some of the rare species found on the island could be a great break to take in with your significant other. Be sure to try and spot the Silky Sifaka (lemur) and Ploughshare tortoise – some of the rarest species in the world!

48. Looking for somewhere to bond and get away from modern life together? The Galapagos Islands are a popular honeymoon destination with a largely untouched habitat, along with gorgeous sunsets and white sand beaches. To make this a more active break for you both, why not snorkel alongside sea lions, turtles and rays!

49. To try something totally new and maybe learn about yourself and your other half, why not volunteer with the novice Buddhist monks in Laos? Teaching them English during your stay, you’ll also immerse yourself in their culture in what is sure to be a unique experience.

50. An active activity break for couples can be skiing. Yes maybe it isn’t especially romantic to throw yourself down a mountain on two skis at high speed, but staying in a cosy chalet to relax by the fire afterwards is definitely romantic.



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