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10 best themes for a stag weekend

July 26, 2016

Stag weekends can take huge amounts of planning and there will always be more than one discussion about budget, location and activities. But if you’ve survived the planning stage then it’s time to finally enjoy it – and what better way than all dressing up to prevent anyone from getting lost or sneaking off for a quiet pint in the corner!

Ideally you want to make sure that the theme fits in with the stag or hens interests. Or you may be that group who alternatively want to cause the most embarrassment possible…whatever your take on it, we have some ideas to consider…

T-shirts with nicknames – This is less specific to stag parties and a more general thing that seems to happen for every group holiday to some sunny location in Europe! The more cringey the nicknames the better, and of course you can put some horrific picture of the bride/groom, or team name on the front of the shirts too. As well as making yourselves stand out, it will also help everyone to break the ice when work colleagues, school mates and family come together for the party weekend.

List t-shirts – Similar to the previous suggestion, list t-shirts won’t break the bank to put together and can be uniquely tailored to each guest. Whether you want to embarrass the groom by having him get a final kiss from a cougar, or challenge your hen to find a fireman to fireman’s lift her to the next bar, everyone will have ideas that are perfectly suited to the bride or groom!

Superheroes – Superheroes are becoming the hottest theme in the world at the minute with DC and Marvel's climactic battle ongoing for the cinematic universe. Get amongst it now and help fight crime on the streets of whatever city is victim to your party weekend’s activity break (Disclaimer: Please do not actually try to fight crime – we do not endorse this!). Everyone has their favourite, and of course you can always make sure the groom is dressed as catwoman if you can handle living with that disturbing image of your best mate forever!

Carry me costumes – I’ve seen a few of these recently as they become more popular – with a stag group recently having set off to Dublin with carry me leprechaun costumes. Hopefully though, the Irish saw the craic that was to be had rather than being offended by the stereotype! In case you haven’t seen them, these costumes can be bought from about £30 with a range of different animals and people to be carried by as they cover your legs. Just try not to wipe anyone out with the fake legs as more drinks are consumed!

Where’s Wally? – Surprisingly, Where’s Wally? Costumes aren’t difficult to find and with your whole group disguised you’ll end up standing out more than ever. However, this is pretty much a go-to costume that even the biggest party-pooper will find difficult to disagree with wearing! Plus, you don’t need the legit costumes, everyone can save money and just get a stripy t-shirt, hat and fake glasses!

Clones – Does your mate have horrific dress sense that everyone is always giving them grief about? If so, this is your opportunity. Don’t give them any info on the theme, and make sure all the guests have been briefed on exactly which horrific leather jacket to buy so he’ll know exactly what the theme is – him! Alternatively, you can dress like their husband/wife to be completed with printed masks of their face to ensure they don’t forget who they’re walking down the aisle with in the near future.

Moustaches – So this is one is definitely only aimed at guys but takes a bit more preparation and planning than standard! A month or two before the stag, get everyone together, or do it online, and put the most outrageous types of moustaches into a hat – whatever you draw, you have to grow it before the stag weekend! Of course, this depends on jobs and the banter levels of everyone involved…you don’t want to plan it all and then turn up and be the only one looking strange!

Ghostbusters – With the release of the new movie, this isn’t just for the boys anymore. Hen parties can make the most of the female Ghostbusters line up and don the suits and proton packs and go ghost hunting. Whether you’re actually going ghost hunting as part of the hen weekend or not, this is still a pretty cool idea. But if you’re heading out on the town, they may be a little bit warm as clubs get busier.

Roast night – If you watch Comedy Central, you’ll probably have caught some of their Celebrity Roasts where a famous person is invited on stage to be harassed by comedians about their lives. You’ll need a stag/hen with thick skins and a whole lot of “confidential” stories in order for this to be a success. However, the benefit of this is you can dress like any other night out and all you need is someone to offer a venue to host to save you money too.

If you’re still at the planning stage of your stag or hen party, then why not contact our customer service team for us to offer some ideas. Whether you want to stay in the UK or Ireland, or head to somewhere else in Europe, we provide stag and hen break packages that can be tailored to your group's budget and interests to ensure your friend has a party they’ll never forget!


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